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Small Van Hire

Small van hire is a great way to take advantage of the extra space which a van can bring, without paying a premium when it comes to hire price and also economy. Small van hire is also a great way to gain the flexibility of a commercial vehicle yet in a compact size, because quite simply driving many larger vehicles can be a daunting prospect.

Throughout the country there are a number of small van hire companies which exclusively rent vehicles which are easy to drive. Automatic versions are also available meaning that those who are restricted to driving automatic vehicles can finally take advantage of small van hire.

Small vans are typically cars which come with a modified body shape or simply fewer windows and seats. Some examples include the Ford Fiesta van and also the highly popular Ford Escort van which has perhaps became the mainstay of Small Van hire throughout the United Kingdom thanks to its affordability, economy and how easy it is to drive.

Small van hire is available nationwide and there are thousands of vehicles available for rent. You can rent a vehicle online and collect it at the nearest depot, and many of the larger rental companies will allow you to drop off the vehicle at the nearest depot once you're finished. This could mean that if you're hiring a small van to move belongings you simply hire in Glasgow and then drop off in Carlisle. This can save your valuable time and fuel.

While it's generally straightforward to hire a vehicle, small van hire companies do prefer that drivers are aged over 25 for insurance purposes. This general rule applies to any vehicle and while some companies do offer their services to drivers of a younger age, the typical requirement in all cases is a minimum of 12 months driving experience or longer, as well as a clean license that's free from penalty points.

When it comes to paying for small van hire prices typically range from hourly rates if you can find them to half-day and also daily rental fees. In the event that you need to rent a vehicle for longer, you may also be able to negotiate preferential rates with the rental agency in advance. This is great if you need a vehicle for a week or more, because paying the daily rate for an extended period of time can get expensive.

Small van hire is more than just commercial vehicles for transporting goods. There is also a great many smaller vehicles which can seat a number of people and carry quite a lot at the same time. These multipurpose vehicles are great if you need to carry both a lot of stuff and also a few people.

Ultimately, it's affordable, economical and one of the best ways to transport goods. Larger vans can be cumbersome, hard to drive and that's not to mention the fact that they drink petrol like its water! Why pay the additional costs of a large hire vehicle, when you can take advantage of small van hire which is cheap, easy and most importantly enjoyable to drive.

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