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Camper Van Hire

Have you ever thought of taking advantage of a camping holiday except with all the fuss and hassle that comes with assembling tents and other camping equipment? Have you ever dreamt of taking a caravan on a tour of the country? Camper Van hire is an increasingly popular idea and it's a great way to see parts of the United Kingdom in a unique and also enjoyable way.

Before we go into the details however, you're probably under the impression that a camper van is more of a motor home or perhaps a motorized caravan. You'll be surprised to hear that there are a great many options available and if you'd believe it, many camper van hire vehicles are converted from former vans.

It may sound impossible, but vehicles such as VW transporter vans actually make ideal camper van hire vehicles. They're small, efficient and they make the ultimate travelling vehicle for a couple looking to travel the UK. It's also the cheapest way to rent a camper van, and it's also slightly reminiscent of the old VW Camper van that everyone fondly remembers and the great part is you can drive one on a standard license.

This means that almost anyone with a valid UK or international license can take advantage of camper van hire. Combined with the affordability you gain and the opportunities of travelling almost anywhere within the United Kingdom, it's a great option to see the country in a unique and inspiring way.

However, itís not just within the UK that camper van hire has taken off. This is a major European and international market in camper van holidays and for those looking to take an extended holiday to another country, where rental may not be possible, many buyback schemes operate meaning that you can effectively 'buy' a vehicle for a temporary period, returning when you've finished your trip, selling it for e pre-agreed price.

Camper van hire is a great way to have the ultimate DIY holiday without the insects, the tents of the camping stove. Many camper van conversions while compact are just as luxurious as any hotel room, and while smaller vans may not have toilet facilities, larger vehicles have everything you need, with up to 7 berths.

Motor home and camper van hire prices typically depend on a number of factors ranging from the length of hire to the age of the driver, purpose of the hire and the destinations. For example if you're hiring a vehicle in the United Kingdom and wish to travel Europe, you will undoubtedly have to pay more to reflect the additional insurance premiums payable.

However, costs aren't prohibitive and camper van hire is a great way to explore the countryside, the beach or practically any destination. If you've never tried a camper van holiday, it's simply an unforgettable experience.

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