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Cheap Van Hire

Cheap van hire is becoming increasingly popular as schemes pop up across the country allowing people to hire a vehicle from as little as an hour to a whole day. These schemes are remarkably popular, and as a result they've taken vehicle hire by storm and forced the cheap van hire industry in general to become more competitive, realistic and affordable.

It wasn't long ago that hiring any vehicle was an unwanted and over-priced expense. Today however, things have changed as the industry on the whole has realized that hiring a van is an increasingly practical thing to do. Indeed, it's no longer contractors and home movers that need a van, but everyday people simply moving goods from A to B.

Recently, van hire rental rates fell through the floor thanks to cheap van hire websites which sprung up across the Internet. These websites allow people to hire vehicles nationwide and with an increasing number of rental operations out there, it's possible to take advantage of van hire throughout the country.

Many of these rental services also offer bonuses such as unlimited mileage, nationwide pick-up, drop-off and also if need be the services of a driver. While it's generally easy to take advantage of cheap van hire, the typical requirements are that drivers have a full UK driving license which they have held for at least a year or more. Depending on the company you choose you may also have to prove that your license is clean and that you're over 25.

Today while many cheap van hire services typically offer flexible rates which can mean you can hire a vehicle for as little as just half a day or even an hour. It's flexibility such as this which has transformed the market, and there are cheap van hire services near you offering a similar scheme. If there is, you've instantly got at your disposal the use of a commercial vehicle for a fraction of the price of more expensive firms.

Taking advantage of cheap van hire is really easy. Typically before you book you'll need to have your full UK or international driving license with ID part and paper document included, as well as proof of address. Normally hiring a vehicle doesn't need any form of special driving license, but people who passed their test after 1997 are restricted to driving vehicles which are under 3.5 tonnes. If you need to hire a larger vehicle, then you can either hire a driver, or take an additional test to gain the additional C1 category on your license, but typically van rental companies ensure that most of their vehicles fall within the 3.5 tonne limit.

Cheap van hire is a growing trend across the country. It's a great way to ensure that what you want to transport gets there safely and that both your cargo and your vehicle aren't damaged. With countless options available and even automatic vans for hire, there is now limitless choice when it comes to cheap van hire.

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