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Box Van Hire

Box Van Hire

Hire vans serve many purposes and can be used in many ways. Hundreds of vans, all shapes and sizes are hired on a daily basis across the UK. One popular van, especially for moves, is the box van. There are different types of box van on the market and thanks to their shape they provide excellent space for storing large items of furniture. Most van hire companies can provide box van hire and they often prove to be one of the most in demand vans in anyone’s fleet.

Types of box van

There are generally two kinds of van to choose from when looking for box van hire - the Luton van and the 7.5 tonne van; both offer excellent benefits to anyone looking for a large van.

The Luton van is offered by most box van hire suppliers and many of the leading van manufacturers have a version of the Luton on the market; each one is pretty similar in both appearance and load capacity. The Luton can provide an overall load capacity of 15 metres cubed and a payload of 1400kg which is suitable for small and medium sized house moves. A Luton can be driving on a regular category B driving licence and is popular as it handles and manoeuvres much like a smaller sized van; there is also the added option of a tail-lift which can be beneficial in helping to lift heavy and awkward objects.

The 7.5 tonne van is not as widely available as the Luton but is still stocked by many van hire companies. The 7.5 tonne van is the ultimate van for large house moves and six metres of internal length and a payload of 3000kg. There is also the option of a tail-lift with 7.5 tonne van hire to add extra benefits. The 7.5 tonne van does have licence restrictions that may prevent some drivers from being able to operate the vehicle; the driver will need to have a category C1 licence. The category C1 is automatically granted to those that passed their driving test prior to January 1997, anyone with a licence after this date will need to have undergone training to gain the category C1.

Choosing a self-drive van or van with driver

The majority of companies offer box van hire will do so on a self-drive basis, this will give the user the chance to use the van as when they choose without restrictions on where can be travelled. Van hire with a driver is likely to have restrictions on the hours the van can be hired and where can be travelled. The benefit of having a driver does however give the customer the chance to have an experienced driver of large vehicles, driving a large van such as the 7.5 tonne van can often be daunting for those who are unfamiliar with handling a vehicle of such a large size. There is also the option of man and van box van hire, which will give you a driver as-well as an extra pair of hands with loading.

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