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One Way Van Hire

Have you ever hired a vehicle to simply travel a few hundred miles, unload your stuff and then have to drive all the way back to the rental depot in a rush to make sure you get the vehicle back on time? It's a common occurrence and it's something that's cut many a trip short.

Luckily however as van hire companies get more and more competitive, they're also becoming more flexible. Not only are leasing periods becoming more flexible, but it's also now possible to take advantage of all sorts of added extras in rental agreements such as one way van hire. This means that you can rent a vehicle where your goods are, and then hand it in at the depot nearest your delivery point.

One Way Van Hire is both an environmentally friendly and a user friendly idea. Thousands of people are already taking advantage of one way van hire as it means that they're not forced to drive all the way back home. Instead, they can simply drop the vehicle off at the nearest depot, relax without fear of missing the vehicle's return time and relax.

With more and more national rental companies offering one way van hire, it's often a free bonus that's included in every rental agreement. The only requirement is that you let your rental company know in advance where you want the vehicle, and where you will deliver it. With this sort of flexibility, one way van hire has made renting a van perhaps one of the best ways to transport heavy goods.

After all, with the price of courier services these days, many people have thought they may even save money if they do it themselves! With rental rates starting at just 30 a day for a small van, it could actually be a realistic idea. Load up the vehicle, head to the destination, deliver your cargo and then off to the nearest rental depot. Followed by hopping on a train back home, it's one of the cheapest ways to get your goods from A to B without the worry of ensuring you get the van back on time.

Alongside one way van hire, vehicle hire has been completely transformed in recent years. It used to be that many van hire companies were local outfits. While there are still a great many, van hire has turned into a major growth market and there are already hundreds of nationwide rental providers in the UK. With the only requirements being you hold a clean license, a minimum of a few years experience and the money to rent a vehicle, almost anyone can take advantage of one way van hire.

Thanks to the fact that van hire has gotten a great deal cheaper than ever, and features such as comprehensive breakdown cover and the fact that almost every rental van is practically new, more and more people are taking advantage of not just one way van hire, but any type of vehicle hire. As we get more environmentally friendly, it's also being seen as one of the best ways to transport goods while still caring for your every important carbon footprint.

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