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Automatic Van Hire

It used to be that hiring an automatic car was hard enough, but today it's commonplace throughout the industry. As rental companies have realized there is a market for automatic cars, they've also realized that there are those in the commercial sector that prefer automatic van hire and as a result, there are now more and more automatic vans appearing on the roads.

When it comes to automatic van hire, it used to be that only mini vans with direct car variants were an option for automatic transmission, but today there are a great many larger panel style vans which are automatic. Vans by Renault, Citroen and Volkswagen all have automatic transmissions and they manufacture everything from smaller mini-vans to larger panel vans with sliding doors, and everything you'd expect.

Automatic van hire is becoming more and more popular as thanks to automatic van hire there's no more suffering with bad transmission, and many automatics are actually quicker than their manual equivalents. Sadly however, we're yet to find a company offering automatic Bedford style vans. For the most part automatic transmission is restricted to panel vans, smaller vans and also pickup trucks.

Typically, when it comes to looking for automatic van hire it's normally the larger companies that are able to help. They should be able to offer you an automatic van for rent that's on site or at the very least they'll be able to order one. It's important to check with them just what type of van you'll get because while there are many types of automatic van available, it's important to get the one you want. After all, if you need a panel van and accidentally order a minivan, it's not going to help you much!

Automatic van hire gives those without a manual driving license the chance to take advantage of the extra space and storage a van can bring. It's not much more expensive, and usually all you need is to be over 25 with a full, clean driving license. The great thing is that with an automatic van, many of them are easier to drive than their manual equivalents. Also gone are the days of petrol hungry engines, as automatic transmissions are now just as economical if not more economical than manuals.

With an automatic van, it's one less thing to worry about. An automatic gives you more time to concentrate on the important thing and that's driving. In an unfamiliar vehicle, an automatic transmission is a welcome addition as if you've never driven a van before, having to do it all plus change gear can be daunting.

Today, automatic van hire is popular throughout the country and there are many companies offering automatic vehicles. From panel vans to pick-ups and from minivans to camper vans there's unlimited choice and there is a wide range available. You may need to do a bit of phoning around to find the van you want, but we can practically guarantee you'll find one not far from home.

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