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Airport Van Hire

Many people are under the impression that it's only possible to actually rent cars at airport hire terminals. It's true to say that's certainly what they have most of, but airport van hire is actually more prevalent than you might think, and if you book a van in advance, you can almost be assured that you can rent a vehicle to transport whatever you need to from the airport.

Today car hire companies are available at airports, train stations and thousands of locations throughout the United Kingdom. For the savvy business traveler who may need something larger than just a car, airport van hire is a realistic option that ensure you have all the space you need, for as long as you need.

Realistically while it has to be said that airports aren't the most popular places to hire vans from, it's still possible to book almost any type of vehicle and have it ready waiting at the airport. Airport van hire is no different, and once you've booked your van in advance, when you arrive at the airport, you can expect a relatively new vehicle that's been cleaned and is fully ready for you to drive.

It's still relatively easy to take advantage of airport van hire, except if you're an international traveler you will need to have an international or European driving license with equivalent experience. Typically the requirements for any form of vehicle hire differ, but generally for airport van hire it's that you're 21 or 25, hold a clean license and that you have experience driving (usually one year or two).

Whatever reason you need airport van hire for, there are any number of companies willing to help you out. With two to three companies available at almost every airport, you will also find van hire at cargo terminals, industrial estates and pretty much everywhere.

Airport van hire is also a great idea if it's not goods your looking to transport, but people. In the UK an airport van is known as a minibus and anything up to 7 seaters can be driven without the need for a special license. If you'd like to hire an airport van to transport your friends and family, then make sure you tell the company you'd like to hire a minibus or a people carrier to get everyone from A to B. If you can tell them precisely how many people you need to transport, they'll be able to offer you the best solution.

Whatever type of airport van you need to hire, there is limitless choice and today, not just van hire is becoming more affordable, vehicle hire is as well. It's possible to rent vans from just a 30 a day which is a great deal cheaper than it once was. All vehicles usually come with breakdown assistance, full insurance and the great thing about airport van hire is that rental vehicles are almost always nearly new. As a result, it's safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable to drive.

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