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Overnight Van Hire

When it comes to renting a van, a popular option for many is to take advantage of overnight van hire. This adds an essential few hours onto the hire period for a fraction of the price. It's one of the cheapest ways to hire a van for longer, because overnight van hire lets you deliver the vehicle at around 08:30 the next morning, or alternatively pick it up at around 6PM on the previous night.

Overnight van hire is a real bargain, especially if you want to hire a van through the week. It lets you hire the vehicle for the precise time you need it, and you can then drop it off before you head off to work in the morning. The great thing is that it often comes as an add-on extra, and it's usually a bargain price. Those extra few hours could be precisely when you need them.

Typically, one of the most popular overnight van hire packages available is weekend van hire. This is because weekend rates are typically cheaper for vehicles; so many van hire companies will give you the vehicle for the whole weekend instead of simply a van for the day.

The main reasons for rental companies offering overnight van hire is because for the most part, vehicles are in demand during working hours. This means that for residential users who need a van to run a personal errand or something else, they can save a great deal of money by hiring a van during its off-peak period.

Typically, overnight van hire is available nationwide and the prices you pay really can vary. Depending on the van provider, you could end up paying anything from 10 to 30 for the overnight hire, but if you're hiring the vehicle for the previous or following day, you should expect some sort of discount.

While overnight van hire is one of the best ways to take advantage of discount van hire rates, another option also becoming increasingly popular is short-term pay as you go van hire. This form of hire differs from traditional van hire in that it gives you the chance to hire a vehicle for as little as an hour. Obviously the advantages speak for themselves, and it's also becoming increasingly popular as it means you can hire the vehicle whenever you need it.

For many, overnight van hire still remains one of the most flexible options because it allows you to pay just a little bit more to get the van that much earlier. With some overnight periods being charged at as little as 10, it's a welcome price to pay when it means one can beat rush hour traffic and congestion.

Overnight van hire is a great way to forget about the rush and the panic that's associated with ensuring that you return the vehicle on time. Combined with the savings involved, it's one of the best kept van hire secrets that everyone should take advantage of, but no one really does. So the next time you hire a vehicle, spend the extra and relax

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