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Contract Van Hire

When it comes to hiring a vehicle, apart from holiday vehicle hire, the second most popular market in the United Kingdom has to be Contract Van Hire. Essentially, it offers one of the cheapest ways to hire a van, by giving you the ability to rent based on a fixed monthly contract.

Contract van hire is a highly popular option for self-employed workers, companies and even large organizations. It's possible to hire everything from Bedford style vans with lifts, to tipper trucks and more. With contract van hire, you can hire almost any type of van which is great if you need something a bit larger, wider and a standard 'van' just won't do. It gives you the power to have a vehicle for a set period of time, typically for a fraction of the price.

Contract van hire typically offers fixed contracts of periods between 18 months and five years. while contract van hire affords its users with a great deal of flexibility, there are those however who think that it's expensive and unsuitable, but with hire rates starting at everything from 30 or more per day, contract van hire means that you also get the benefit of driving a relatively new vehicle for a set period of time. For the duration of the contract, it's effectively yours.

In the past years, contract van hire has exploded thanks to the fact it's gotten so affordable, as it's a great away to reduce the burden of buying a van outright. It reduces upfront costs for new businesses and it's a necessity for many small companies and sole traders who need a professional looking vehicle, but for a fraction of the price.

However, while for the most part contract van hire is a great thing, typically the monthly premium doesn't include insurance or maintenance. Usually those hiring the vehicle will be required to pay an additional premium for maintenance and in some cases the contract hire vehicle may even have strict mileage limits for example 10,000 miles annually.

For many though, there is no other way to almost 'own' a new vehicle. Contract hire gives a great deal of flexibility and it's one of the easiest ways to build a small fleet, giving your company the flexibility it needs to rise to almost any challenge.

With more and more contract van hire providers out there, prices have dropped rapidly. Now it's possible to lease everything from Renault's to Mercedes vans, and it's not just panel vans and mini vans that you're restricted to. It's also possible to hire everything from tipper vans to pickups and even 7.5 tonne lorries. The flexibility that contract van hire can bring really is unparalleled.

Generally speaking, thanks to contract van hire, more and more people are starting to benefit from the flexibility a larger vehicle can bring. Companies can finally have more than one vehicle, and it's also an environmentally friendly way to boost your company's fleet of vehicles without spending a small fortune.

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