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Chiller Van Hire

Chiller Van Hire

Van hire in the UK has benefits to many people in both domestic and commercial circles. One sector that does benefit greatly from van hire is the hundreds of shops and restaurants that deal in refrigerated and frozen goods. The need for a chiller van to transport goods up and down the country is essential in food quality, food safety and hygiene. Chiller van hire is available in every part of the UK and there is a van to suit any size business and kind of requirement.

Types of chiller van available

There are various types of vehicle to choose from when looking for chiller van hire. There are smaller vehicles such as the VW Caddy and Ford Connect ranging up to 7.5 tonne vans and every size in between. Each type of van is able to provide the chilling and refrigerated properties needed to store food; small and medium sized vans are ideally suited to daily deliveries to butchers and sandwich shops. Large vans will benefit shops and supermarkets and can transport chilled food and dairy products.

Each vehicle will differ on features depending on the size and type but most will have the ability to allow the vans refrigeration system to function whilst the engine is switched off and will have floor drainage channels. A moveable bulkhead can allow extra storage and items to be stored at two different temperatures. Chiller vans will also have a digital temperature control in the cab to ensure that items in transport are being cooled to the correct temperature.
  • Small chiller van hire such as the VW Caddy will offer a payload of 450kg and an internal length of 1.6 metres.
  • A medium sized van such as a Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter will have an internal length of around 2.5-3.0 metres and will offer a payload of 1000kg.
  • A large van such as the VW Crafter will allow for 4 metres in load length and a payload of 800kg
  • A 7.5 tonne van will provide around nine metres in load length and a payload of between 3000-3500kg.

Finding chiller van hire

Chiller van hire can be found just as easily as any other kind of van hire, some suppliers will have a fleet of chiller vans alongside their range of other vans while others will specialise in offering solely chiller vans. Using the internet is the best way to find chiller vans for hire and many companies will have the websites with the facilities to provide online booking, websites can also allow you to view each vehicle and the features on offer.

Hiring a chiller van

When hiring a chiller van it is important to make sure that the van has been thoroughly cleaned between hire periods, this is essential to ensure there is no food contamination. You should also make sure that insurance and breakdown cover with recovery are included in the price, some companies are able to provide a free delivery and collection service which is beneficial if you cannot get to the depot.

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