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Tipper Van Hire

Whether it's excavating dirt or simply purchasing gravel, there are times when a tipper van is an invaluable asset. These vehicles, with elevating cargo beds really can make transporting loose goods a piece of cake. However, given the fact they can be quite expensive, often the only choice for many is tipper van hire.

Luckily, there are a great number of companies offering tipper van hire. These vehicles are normally smaller 3.5 tonne trucks which have a hydraulic lift under the cargo bed. The great thing about these smaller tipper vans is that they can be driven by anyone. For those needing tipper van hire, renting one of these smaller 3.5 tonne vehicles can be both affordable and easy to drive.

Alongside tipper van hire, there are actually a great number of industrial vehicles which can be hired with a standard driving license. It's possible even to rent 7.5 tonne lorries if you obtained your license before 1997. Typically, refrigerated vehicles, tippers, flat beds and box vans are all available in the sub 3.5 tonne range suitable for any driver with a full UK driving license.

Typically when it comes to tipper van hire, one needs to be over 25 and hold a full UK driving license with at least a years experience. If you have more than 3 points, it may mean that you need to pay an increased insurance premium or you may be forced to accept a larger excess up to and sometimes over 1000.

With van rentals and any vehicle rental for that matter, insurance is always an issue because it should cover both collision damage, breakdown cover, and be as comprehensive as standard insurance. When it comes to renting the vehicle, it's important to read the small print and if possible pay a little extra to reduce your excess.

Rental rates for tipper van hire typically vary because it's not exactly a 'mainstream' rental. However, prices are dropping rapidly, and you can usually expect to pay around 50 per day. When hiring a tipper van, these are typically 3.5 tonne vehicles, and the price includes insurance, breakdown assistance and a relatively new vehicle.

Today, there are a great number of national van hire companies that offer tipper van rental. When it comes to finding a tipper hire company, many people would suggest looking for commercial hire companies first. However, when it comes to finding a bargain, you may be more likely to coax a discount if you negotiate with a smaller company. However, with a smaller van hire company, you may be forced to pay a larger excess and the vehicle you're given may be significantly older.

Tipper van hire can be used to transport all sorts of goods, and the beauty about a tipper is that emptying the load can be done with just the flick of a button. It makes transporting so much easier, and this type of vehicle is invaluable for all sorts of transport operation thanks to its hydraulically powered rising cargo bed.

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