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Long Term Van Hire

As daily van hire gets more affordable, so does long term van hire, and as a result it's getting more and more affordable for people to rent a van for not just a day or two, but for a week or longer. For the most part Long term van hire is actually becoming more and more viable than you'd think thanks to the increasing costs of vehicle maintenance, the rate at which they devalue and the necessity of use. After all, if you only need a van for a few weeks or a month, it can save you a great deal when compared to buying a vehicle.

It's certainly true when they say buying a van is expensive! With long term van hire you can pay a flat fee and simply use the vehicle for the agreed period. Usually long term van hire vehicles come with unlimited mileage and as always, fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown coverage and full maintenance. Some long term van hire deals are a great deal cheaper than you'd think.

Surprisingly when compared to the cost of insurance, maintenance, monthly payments and road tax, the typical cost of buying a van on hire purchase is around 300 or more per month. When compared to simply hiring a small van for maybe 500 maximum, it isn't all that expensive! While you may save a bit of money if you purchase your own vehicle, what you save on monthly costs, you will lose on depreciation. It's common sense that if you only need a van two or three months of the year, then perhaps hiring one is your best option.

Long term van hire can be used to rent a number of vans. There are a great deal of companies out there which offer deals solely to those looking for long term hire. This means that if you know where to look, you can find some really competitive offers a great deal better than any of the national chains. Given the fact that smaller companies are also more liable to give you a discount for extended hire, one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to look around before you accept a quote.

Finally when you're looking around at long term van hire options, remember and check out what insurance options are available. While with short-term hire often it's OK to accept a 500 excess or more, the longer you have the vehicle, the more likely you are to have an accident. Take the opportunity to pay a bit extra to eliminate or at the very least, reduce your van hire insurance excess.

Taking advantage of long term van hire means that you can always be driving a new vehicle whenever you need one and the only thing you need to do other than driving safely is to fill the thing with petrol and enjoy your trip. It really is that simple, and long term van hire can work for you, just like any other type of vehicle hire can.

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