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Combi Van Hire

Combi Van Hire

Combi van hire gives the users the best of both types of van hire by allowing the van to transport goods and passengers. These vans are the ideal choice for people who are looking to travel as a group with a large amount of luggage; combi vans are a common choice for thousands of people and are used for anything from airport transfers to work travel. There are different types of combi van on the market and there is a combination of seats and space to suit anyone’s requirements.

Finding combi van hire

There are not many companies that specialise solely in combi van hire, which is not to say that they are hard to find. Many van hire suppliers will have a range of combi vans alongside their fleet of other vans and can easily be found using the common methods. The Yellow Pages is a good place to start with van hire as is local newspapers, there is generally dozens of advertisements for van hire in these publications. The best resource for finding combi vans for hire is to use the internet, the internet offers excellent avenues for finding companies that provide combi vans and they can easily be found using a search engine.

There is also a number of broker and price comparison websites that will allow you to search for the best priced combi van available and also book the hire there and then; these websites are also easily found using a search engine.

Types of combi van available

The choice of combi van hire is vast are there are vans available in many different sizes and by various different van manufacturers.

One of the most popular combi vans on the market is the Citroen Dispatch Combi, it popularity comes from the availability of the van in two different sizes, the innovative design and high quality performance. The Dispatch can carry up to 9 people and the seats in the second and third rows are modular to allow the user to customise the amount of space needed for luggage. The spacious seats and large windows also make it comfortable for passengers.

The Vauxhall Movano Combi as one would expect from a Vauxhall vehicle provides excellent performance and safety. The Movano has the flexibility to carry a team of people and a healthy amount of luggage of tools. The short wheel base model has the room for six people and the medium wheel base model can offer fully glazed windows and seat nine people.

The Fiat Ducato is a popular choice of combi van hire for both domestic and commercial purposes and has the versatility to offer both excellent seat and load space. The second and third row seats can be folded flat to provide the load capacity expected of a MWB van and the twin side sliding doors give easy access to the vehicle. As-well as offer the load capacity, passengers can benefit from the comfortable seats and air flow system that caters to each seat.

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