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Short Term Van Hire

Today, short term van hire is becoming more and more popular as people look not to rent a van by the day, but just for the period they require it. As a result, many companies are starting to offer short term van hire where one can rent by the half day or even by the hour. It's proving increasingly popular and most importantly, increasingly affordable.

Short term van hire gives almost everyone the flexibility to hire a larger vehicle when they need it. With this type of hire, the great thing is that it's almost like pay-as-you-go van hire, meaning you're not being forced to pay a day's rental for just a few hours' worth of usage. It's good news for you, and also the rental company.

Before a few years ago, short term van hire was a thing of the past. You may have been lucky to find a local hire company offering vehicles on half day leases, but that was about as good as it got. Today, there are more and more national companies offering van hire for just the periods you need it with all the standard extras except by the hour.

With the attractiveness of short term van hire, it's now possible to rent a van to do almost anything. No more relying on the car to move everything around, simply hire a van! Why struggle with getting things to go in the boot when you can go to the nearest van rental office, rent a vehicle and take it back when you're done. Rental rates are cheaper than you'd believe, and all you need is to be over 25 and have a full, clean driving license.

With more and more people exploiting the flexibility that short term van hire can bring, it's not just affordable, it's also environmentally friendly as renting a van means fewer trips, safer travelling and it's a communal vehicle which is shared by many. It's also environmentally responsible, and friendly to your carbon footprint.

When it comes to actually renting the vehicle, there is almost limitless choice however the most popular type of van requested is the typical panel van. Van hire companies also have mini vans, extra long wheelbase vehicles as well pickup trucks, refrigerated vans and also the ever popular Bedford van that's so synonymous with removal companies.

As short term van hire continues getting cheaper it means that it's becoming more economical to move things yourself. The days of paying a small fortune for courier delivery are over when you can simply rent a vehicle and transport heavy goods yourself for half the price. All in all, short term van hire is revolutionizing the way van hire is operated.

Daily rental is still popular in some places, but thanks to short-term van hire, it's now becoming a thing of the past. With more and more companies offering this flexible method of rental, it's only a matter of time before daily rental becomes obsolete.

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