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Fridge Van Hire

Fridge Van Hire

Fridge vans are used in large numbers every day in the UK; from delivering sandwiches to small shops to transporting milk to large supermarkets. Fridge van hire gives the option of using a van to cover a short term need and offers an excellent alternative to buying which can prove extremely expensive in both the running and maintaining. The option of short term hire offers flexibility and can allow you to change the scale of your van at short notice as and when required; it is also beneficial if there is increased demands and workload to be met on a short term basis.

The fridge van allows products that are required to be kept at a certain temperature and transported between various locations; vans will have a temperature control that can keep the items at the set temperature. There are various suppliers of fridge van hire in the UK that can offer a selection of various sized vehicles to suit any kind of job, small or large.

K Facto

K Facto is one of the UK’s leading providers of all refrigerated van solutions they can offer fridge van hire in sizes to suit any purpose from food and flowers to pharmaceuticals. The hire vehicles that are offered by k Facto are specially converted to suit and include small car derived vans and long wheel base vans. They have excellent flexibility on hire terms and customers can choose from longer term contract hire or short term spot hire with prices starting from just £49.00 per day. The K facto depot is based in Leeds but a delivery and collection service is available.

Refrigerated Vehicle Rental Ltd

RVR Ltd are one of the leading suppliers of fridge vans in the UK, they can offer an excellent fleet of van to meet the demands of any customer. The terms of hire offer fantastic flexibility and can start from as little as one day ranging up to five years; each vehicle offered can be over various time frames:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Seasonal
  • Contract
All vans also come with chill and freeze capabilities and contain a 13 amp overnight standby facility. The fridge van hire vehicles on offer include:
  • Mercedes Vito
  • VW Crafter
  • Iveco 7.5 tonne


Vanfridge are able to provide an innovative and unique service to all of its clients and offer a range of fridge van hire that can be catered to their exact needs. Hiring in through their sister company Pola Van Rental they are able to provide excellent vans for every short term measure. The company was formed in 2002 and are now one of the largest in the UK, is van is supplied having been fully maintained, cleaned and inspected to meet excellent hygiene and food safety standards.

General rules of hire

There is a general set of rules to get the best out of the fridge van, these include:
  • Pre-cooling the refrigerated compartment
  • Keeping door opening to a minimum
  • Carrying out manual defrost at the end of each day
  • Ensure products are loaded at correct temperature

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