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Tail Lift Van Hire

Tail Lift Van Hire

Van hire is popular for many reasons and the use of a van over a short term period can be helpful in transporting anything from food to furniture. Van hire for commercial use is popular when a company has to meet increased demand while it also gives the opportunity to re-scale van size at short notice. Vans that are used for domestic purposes are popular for transporting tools to and from work and house removals. One added extra that is available on larger vans is a tail lift; the use of a tail lift is beneficial to anyone that has a need to transport heavy and large objects. Many companies will supply tail lift van hire and tail lift vans are amongst the most commonly hired vehicles in the UK.

What is a tail lift?

When looking for van hire you will often see the option of tail lift van hire. A tail lift is a hydraulic lift on the rear of a vehicle that is manually operated to lift items from the ground up to the base of the van. A tail lift is able to lift around a one tonne in weight, which makes it suitable to most large items, when not in use the lift is easily folded away neatly.

Although there are many different types and sizes of van available to hire not every van is suited to accommodate a tail lift. An advertisement for “tail lift van hire” will generally be referring to a 3.5 ton Luton box van or a larger 7.5 ton van.

Luton Box Van

The Luton box van is a popular choice with many people and is often used in house moves and business relocations. The van is ideally sized to fit a large amount of items while not be too much different from a smaller van in terms of handling. A Luton can be hired with or without a tail lift but the added benefits of the tail lift are much more appealing, however it is likely that a Luton van with a tail lift will cost more to hire than one without.

7.5 ton van

7.5 ton van tail lift van hire is the perfect van for large home removals, tail lifts are available on both the box and curtain sided versions of the7.5 ton van. There is around nine metres in load length and 3000kg of payload in a 7.5 ton van and due to its size the driver will be required to hold a category C1 licence. Like the Luton, 7.5 ton vans have the option of tail lift or no tail lift, and choosing to include a tail lift is likely to incur extra fees.

Finding tail lift van hire

From the two kinds of van that have tail lifts, the Luton is likely to be offered by more companies, most of the bigger van hire companies will have the fleet to accommodate both. Finding either van can be done easily over the internet and with the use of a search engine.

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