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Commercial Van Hire

There are a great number of commercial hire outlets throughout the United Kingdom which offer competitive rates and also an increased choice for business to business customers. Commercial van hire is a great way to increase your fleet as it gives you the number of vehicles you need, when you need it. With rates which are typically cheaper than residential van hire, it is an essential resource every company should know about.

When it comes to van hire, people are used to paying fixed daily rates which can be expensive. Typically in the residential sector, van hire rates start at around 30 per day. When looking at commercial offerings, many van hire packages aren't priced daily, but monthly. The benefit is that instead of paying what would work out to be around 900 for a mini-van, you can commit to renting a vehicle for a month, and end up paying around 300 per month for the same vehicle.

Commercial van hire as another advantage which is that the range of vehicles on offer is typically greater. Instead of just your mini-van, panel van and Bedford, with commercial van hire you are able to take advantage of refrigerated vans, 7.5 tonne vans and even more! It's one of the best ways to get a specially equipped vehicle or a larger one if that is what you need.

Today, you'd be surprised at how many businesses operate vehicles which are primarily leased through commercial van hire. Initially you may think that it's an expensive idea, but when you calculate the costs of finance, maintenance and also insurance, corporate van hire is the easiest way to ensure that your fleet is always modern, up to date and it really does mean that you no longer have to worry about anything but your business.

Ultimately, one of the best reasons to take advantage of commercial van hire is that you can hire vehicles for a long period of time. Some companies have ongoing leases with commercial van hire companies which last for a period of years. The great news is all they need to do is to pay the monthly fee, petrol bills and they have a vehicle that's ready for usage.

With commercial hire so cheap, many people ask why traditional van hire companies are expensive, and the reason is that they focus on leasing smaller vehicles for a shorter period of time. Let's face it, not everyone needs to hire a van for a month, and in some cases even a day is too long. As a result, commercial van hire is only suitable for a small percentage of people who are looking for van hire.

For those needing a vehicle for an extended period of time however, commercial van hire is one of the best ways to rent a van that will be fully taken care of. This peace of mind can be absolutely priceless and the fact that commercial van hire can be so cheap means that for many companies it's a better deal than simply buying a vehicle outright.

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