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Medium Van Hire

When a small van won't fit the bill and you don't have a C1 license to drive a larger vehicle, often the only option for many looking to take advantage of a self drive hire vehicle is to use a medium van hire service and hire a medium van. It's a flexible way to transport everything you need and because the vehicle is less than 3.5 tonnes fully laden, you can legally drive it on a normal driving license.

While this means you can take advantage of most vans on the market, often some of the larger vehicles such as Luton's aren't the easiest to drive and when it comes to parking them, it can be a nightmare! While the flexibility of a raised floor and a tail lift can be invaluable, for inter-city transports, sometimes medium van hire is the best all around option.

Indeed, medium van hire allows for the driver to fit a decent amount of goods, typically around 1.2 tonnes in a van that's typically known as a panel van. This vehicle makes the compromise of being a bit bigger and when compared to smaller vans you can carry approximately 30% more. The good news is that because many medium panel vans aren't very tall, they're still relatively easy to drive and manoeuvre.

Examples of panel vans include the likes of the Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter as well as the ever popular Renault Traffic. Typically they all come in a number of configurations with a standard wheelbase, a long wheelbase and also an extra long wheelbase version. All of them easily fall within the 3.5 tonne limit and can be classified as medium van hire vehicles.

The flexibility of a medium van hire vehicle allows you transport just about anything. It's the perfect compromise to ensuring you have enough room while not going overboard and renting something that's not altogether too big. Perhaps the only drawback is that with a medium van you're restricted to three passengers.

Taking advantage of medium van hire is just as straightforward as hiring any other vehicle as for the most part most if not all vans up to and including Luton's are all within the 3.5 tonne limit for drivers. The official rules are that anyone who gained their driving license after 1997 are restricted to the 3.5 tonne laden weight limit. This means that the vehicles total weight all inclusive cannot exceed 3.5 tonnes.

Medium van hire lets you easily carry a large amount of cargo without having to worry about license issues or whether you'll have enough space to park. These vehicles are as compact as possible, whilst remaining spacious enough to carry at least a tonne of cargo.

Hiring a medium van is simple and straightforward. With countless car hire operators throughout the country, the only thing you need to do is to book a vehicle, supply your license and get ready to drive. Other than typically being 25 or over, there are no major requirements other than a clean license and a careful attitude. Medium vans are easy to drive, easy to look after and medium van hire may be exactly what you need.

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