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Fish And Chip Van Hire

Fish And Chip Van Hire

For many years the UK’s number one choice of meal has been that of fish and chips. The country’s reputation for excellent fish and chips brings many tourists to our shores just to sample this traditional British favourite. The fondness and popularity of fish and chips has led to many people looking for fish and chip van hire. A fish and chip van has become a common site at numerous parties and weddings up and down the UK and people are keen to sample an alternative to the usual buffet and three course meals that are offered at celebrations. Fish and chip van hire is also common place at the hundreds of fairs and festivals that go on every year in the UK.

Benefits of fish and chip van hire

There are numerous benefits that come with fish and chip van hire. Whether you are at a party, wedding or event, the presence fish and chips is always a popular one. Suppliers of fish and chip vans are able to supply the van, all of the cooking equipment, food and the staff to operate the van, there is also the choice of how you wish to offer the food. For parties and wedding fish and chip menus are able to be catered to the exact needs of the client; clients are able to choose from a pre-paid set menu or offer various meal choices that can be paid for by the individual.

Modern fish and chip shops now have a selection of other meal options on the menu such as burgers and breakfast items such as bacon and sausage, fish and chip vans are also able to provide these various other food choices which will appeal to many more people. There is also the option of gluten and wheat free fish that is suited to vegetarians.

Hiring a fish and chip van

Fish and chip van hire is done in much the same way as other forms of van hire, the customer will find a suitable company and obtain a quote. The quotes that you receive are likely to differ greatly between suppliers and there are numerous reasons for this.

Fish and chip shops gain custom from the quality of their product, people are often happy to travel great distance to sample good fish and chips. This is also true of fish and chip van hire, a supplier with a good reputation for quality food will generally cost more to hire, you will also find that the high standard suppliers are in constant demand and early booking will often be required.

The size of the event you are looking to hire for will also affect the price, a large amount of mouths to feed will require more fish and chips and more staff to provide them and both these factors will push up the cost of hire.

The menu is also something that may add cost to your quote, specialist food options such as a vegetarian menu and other meal options other than fish and chips may cost extra.

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