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Removal Van Hire

Traditionally, when it comes to moving home, people are of two mindsets. The first is getting a removal company and the second is doing it themselves. With the ever-looming recession, getting a removal company to help you can be both expensive and while it lets you sit back and relax, there's no way to know your goods are safer than by simply moving them yourself. As a result, removal van hire is both popular and it's also a remarkably affordable way to get everything shifted.

These days, for many types of removal van hire, you don't even need a special license, as the ever famous Bedford style removal van is available nationwide at self drive hire outlets. Thanks to its larger size, easiness to drive and the fact that it's under 3.5 tonnes, almost anyone can do it themselves when it comes to removal van hire.

Bedford style vans are perhaps today the most popular type of removal van hire because this van's floor is entirely flat. It's about as much as a box as possible and the floor is completely level meaning that you can fully load the vehicle without having to worry about anything other than getting everything in.

If you've never seen a Bedford style van, it's about as large a 'medium' van as you can get. The benefits of a Bedford type van are that it's still manoeuvrable and somewhat easy to drive, and even though it's a large vehicle, it's still more manoeuvrable than a 7.5 tonne lorry.

One of the best things to do before you decide on whether you need a Bedford or a larger vehicle is to take a trip to the nearest rental company that offers removal van hire and ask to take a look. You'll be surprised to see just how big the insides of these things are. While you may not move your whole home in a single trip, a Bedford gives you flexibility and as much carrying capacity as possible under 7.5 tonnes.

However, if you're moving a few hundred miles, then getting everything moved in one trip is practically essential. Luckily, if you attained your license before 1997, then you automatically qualify to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and up to 7.5 tonne trucks.

But even though that's an option, the Bedford still remains the champion of removal van hire because not only is it easy to drive, many come with a floor lift. If you request one in advance, most removal van hire companies can rent you a vehicle that's got a floor lift meaning that you don't need to worry about struggling to get everything in and then back out.

Combined with features such as one way van hire and comprehensive insurance, removal van hire is a great way to move home yourself. While moving home is always stressful, why be burdened with the additional expense of a removal company when you can simply do it yourself. Most removal companies use Bedford's, and if they can, why can't you?

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