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Burger Van Hire

If you're holding an outdoor event, there are some things that everyone appreciates to make the event feel more special, and when it comes to catering there's nothing quite like the smells and tastes brought to you by a Burger van. Quite simply, a burger van is almost as essential as a fish and chip shop and with burger van hire you can give your guests some unforgettable food, and also something to fill them up and keep them warm on a cold winter's night.

There are literally hundreds of burger vans operating throughout the United Kingdom. When it comes to burger van hire, it's typically a fully managed, catering service which means that all you need to do is to book the mobile caterers, let them know what you require and then wait for the event. It really is that simple!

With so many burger van companies throughout the country, prices for burger van hire can vary significantly depending on exactly what you need. If your hosting a huge event, you may even be able to sell a burger van pitch for anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand! However in many cases, you may find that with private events, it's necessary to pay a hire fee to cover the cost of food.

Usually when it comes to burger van hire, instead of paying to rent the vehicle, if you're hosting a private event, you can simply pay per 'head,' with prices starting from around just 2 per head, it's not only an unforgettable experience to have a burger van for your wedding or event, but it's also a tasty and most importantly, affordable one!

However, there is more to burger van hire than just burgers! Today, burger van hire can include mobile soup stalls, baked potato stalls and all sorts of healthy alternatives. Many companies that deal with mobile catering such actually have a large variety of vehicles, and depending on the event, the can deliver the perfect service for you.

When it comes to burger van hire however, everyone must admit that there's a certain allure to both hiring and manning the vehicle. However these days thanks to food hygiene laws and licensing, it's almost impossible to take advantage of a self-drive burger van. As magical as it might sound, it's easier to simply hire the whole service, drivers, cooks and all.

Today, burger van hire is on the increase as more and more people look for novel ways to provide catering at their events. By taking advantage of this service, you not only provide some pretty authentic British takeaway cuisine, but you're also helping the community of mobile caterers looking to ply their trade.

Whether it's a corporate event or simply a birthday party, more and more people are taking advantage of mobile catering and in particular, burger van hire. After all, there's nothing quite like the taste and the smell of freshly cooked burgers. It's a uniquely British experience, and it really does make a difference!

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