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Van Trailer Hire

For the most part van trailer hire is a great way to get extra space in the back of your vehicle. It's a great way to transport more cargo and the great thing is that van trailer hire is relatively affordable. Unlike hiring a large van which can cost in upwards of £50 per day, van trailer hire costs roughly half that, meaning that for the price of a small van, you can add a great deal more capacity to your vehicle in a variety of sizes.

Typically, many people think that a car or van trailer is a small trailer that doesn't get much taller than 3ft. When it comes to van trailer hire, it's possible to rent trailers that are as high as 6ft and even more! It's possible to tow almost anything with your van, as these trailers come in all shapes and sizes and you'll be surprised to know that it's possible to tow everything from motorbikes to cars with a trailer and van.

While generally, anyone can drive a van, there are limitations based on when the person obtained their driving license. When it comes to towing a trailer, the combined weight of both trailer and vehicle must not exceed 8250kg (8.25 tonnes) if you passed your test before 1997. However if you passed your test after 1997, you're restricted to driving vehicles under 3.5 tonnes and a maximum trailer weight of 750kg. This means that you can drive any van of up to 3.5 tonnes and any trailer up to 750kg with a maximum combined weight of 4250 kg (4.25 tonnes).

Additionally, when it comes to van trailer hire, usually the trailer is not insured. This means that the driver is responsible for all damage during the hire period unless his or her own insurance can cover the trailer in the event of an accident. While it's generally not something to be worried about, accidents to happen and for many, towing a trailer is not quite as easy as it looks!

Van trailer hire is typically available at plant hire outlets. As mentioned, there is generally a large variety of trailers available, from tipper trailers to box trailers and the list is endless. The only limitation in trailer choice is that you're licensed to drive it, and also that it's a fully roadworthy vehicle. As a result, once you've found a van trailer hire company, it's important to check to ensure that the trailer has an up to date MOT certificate.

If you have never towed a trailer before, then the best advice is to be drive carefully and slowly. While it's generally pretty easy to tow one, it can take some practice when it comes to reversing and also turning. It's also surprising just how much a trailer can change the way a vehicle drives. Generally speaking however once you’ve mastered towing a trailer, taking advantage of van trailer hire is one of the cheapest ways to gain extra capacity without paying over the odds.

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