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Van Hire in Aberdeen

Van Hire in Aberdeen

There are lots of reasons why you may need to hire a van in Aberdeen and there will be a company who will be able to help you.  It may be a small van to remove a piece of furniture that is just a bit too big for the car or it could be a van big enough for all of your possessions to go into.  If you are planning to move home you have a lot to think about and one last minute realisation may be just how much you have accumulated over the last few years.  With bits and pieces in each room it may not look too bad but once it is all put together, you may find the small van you were going to borrow is nowhere near big enough.  Luckily for you van hire in Aberdeen is an industry where you will have plenty of choice.  Just estimate the size of the van you want and then look for a company to help.

Van Hire in Aberdeen Companies

  • Argus Car Hire also offers vans for hire. When you visit their website you can find a good description and a picture of all the vans available and this should make it easier for you to choose the one you want. As you get the size, the amount they can carry and a bit of environmental information you can make an informed decision about which van you want.
  • EasyVan is another company who will be able to help. Their vans are not expensive and regardless of your needs there should be a van to suit. If you are not sure what you want there will be plenty of staff available to help you and let you know what van will be the best for your needs.

Van Hire in Aberdeen Costs

As well as choice of size the prices will make your job easier. You have probably spent all your time thinking about what you need, and EasyVan don’t want to aggravate you further. They simply ask you to contact them for a free personalised quote. At Argus Car Hire, hiring a van can cost as little as £20 and if you become a part of their loyalty scheme you can get a 4% discount on top. You may look at one price and think it is the best but see what is involved before signing anything. You should also be aware that extras such as insurance, young drivers and breakdown cover may not be included in the initial cost.

Finding a Van Hire in Aberdeen Company

Luckily with van hire in Aberdeen there is not really a limit on how long you can hire a vehicle for. It can be as little as a few hours and can be up to a few weeks if your needs require it. Always be careful when you are looking for van hire in Aberdeen as there are plenty of reputable companies but also a number of not so reputable ones, so make sure you check with previous customers before making a final decision.

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