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Van Hire in Canterbury

Van Hire in Canterbury

There are many reasons as to why people require vans every now and then.  The reasons could very well be far apart.  For instance, some people might need to move their belongings from one place to another when they are moving homes, or perhaps the vans could be required to transport cargo to another city, and then again you could simply require a van to go on a trip since it is much more accommodating.

For all of the above reasons you don’t need to buy a van. These are such requirements for which hiring a van is sufficient. Luckily, for someone who lives in the UK, there are many companies providing van hire services. In this article we are going to review a couple of companies that offer van hire in Canterbury.

Van Hire in Canterbury Companies

Practical Car and Van Rental is probably the oldest and most commonly known company for van hire in Canterbury. Other than normal cars, they have a wide selection of vans to choose from. The good thing about this company is that it has over 150 hire locations and it covers most of the railway stations and airports, so you will not have any problems with delivery. Their van collection ranges from short, medium and long wheel base courier style vans to Luton vans that can be arranged with and without a tail lift. They have both short and long term rental policies making them an ideal choice for all van hire situations.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is another company which offers van hire in Canterbury as well as a whole range of private cars. They offer hiring services over weekdays and weekends. Van choices range from small commercial vans and medium commercial vans from Vauxhall to large commercial vans from Renault Master. Enterprise Rent-A-Car also offers one-way and airport rentals so that it becomes extremely cost effective for people requiring vans for varied durations.

Van Hire in Canterbury Costs

Individual requirements for van hire in Canterbury differ largely. Furthermore the costs that each company offers also range. However we have listed some average or approximate costs that you will be able to find in the region of Canterbury. All these costs listed below are for one day rental.
  • A Luton van - £65.
  • A short wheel base van - £38.
  • A Medium wheel base van - £50.
  • A Large wheel base van - £50.
  • An Extra Large wheel base - £60-£61.
  • A Luton with a tail lift - £73.
  • A van including a fridge or frozen compartment - £90.
These are some rough estimates taken from various companies that offer van hire in Canterbury.

Finding a Van Hire in Canterbury Company

Although this article might help you in locating a van hiring company in Canterbury, there are chances that these particular companies might not suit your specific needs. The next best way to find a company is to ask friends, neighbours, colleagues and small business owners in your area if they can recommend anyone. This way you are likely to find a reputable company that offers van hire in Canterbury.

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