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Van Hire in Chorley

Van Hire in Chorley

It is best when someone is planning to move to a new house, to hire a van for the purpose of shifting. It saves a lot of money and risk of losing personal stuff to the negligence of professional movers.  Different van hire companies are spread all across the UK, so for people considering hiring a van, living in any town or small city should not be a problem.  This article however deals with van hire in Chorley.  Those who live in or near Chorley can also expect to find reputable and worthy van hire services.  To help the reader out, a couple of such companies are listed below with their brief description; a price list of van hire is also added for convenience.

Van Hire in Chorley Companies

A6 Van Rental is a known company which offers van hire in Chorley. Not only do they have good quality cars but they also have vans for hire. The company often has special offers and deals going on which can benefit those who are looking for hiring cars and vans for an elongated period. The staff offer friendly as well as professional advice and service. Their rates are also very competitive to those found in the same area. They have a big range of vans available, from short wheel base, to long wheel base to Luton Vans, with and without tail lift.

The other top van hire in Chorley company is Chorley Van Rental. Chorley Van Rental are another company with a lot of experience and a large variety of vehicles to offer. This company also has affordable prices for all the different categories of vehicles that they hold. With superb services, it is one company that is hard to beat. Chorley Van Rental has a lot of vans to offer including small, medium, large size and Luton vans.

Van Hire in Chorley Costs

Approximate costs of one day hire for different vans are given below. However please note that these costs are an average of the van hire companies in Chorley and should only be used as for guidance.
  • The cost for a small van usually ranges from £30 - £35.
  • The price for a medium van ranges from £35 - £40.
  • The cost of a large van starts at £50 - £55.
  • The cost of a Luton van usually starts at £60 - £65.
These are some of the approximate costs of different sizes of vans. You will find that some rentals would have an even greater range of vans depending upon their size.

Finding a Van Hire in Chorley Company

Searching for van hire in Chorley like in any other place could be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Hopefully the two companies mentioned above will be able to help with your van hiring needs, however if more help is needed, it is advisable to consult friends or family members who have experience in van hire in Chorley. You will be surprised how many people have already used this service and they will gladly help you out in recommending the best van hire in Chorley company.

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