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Van Hire in Slough

Van Hire in Slough

Slough is a fascinating town with a great history and some fascinating connections.  A lot of people will know if from the programme Road Wars, but did you know that Queen Victoria made her first railway journey from Slough to London in June 1842? Slough has also been the home of the Mars Bar since its production began in 1932.  There are so many reasons to need van hire in Slough.  Perhaps you want to move home, or you have a huge gardening project to complete?  Or perhaps you have a valuable object fit for a Queen to transport, or a large shipment of Mars Bars that you want to share with the rest of the country!  Not to worry, there are plenty of great local and national companies that you could use for any job you may have.

Van Hire in Slough

  • Slough National Car is ready to help with all your van hire needs with numerous different quality vehicles. They boast expertly trained staff and ensure that your vehicle will be clean and ready for collection, as well as making sure your vehicle will be in tip-top shape before you drive away. They have a choice of modern vans to give you plenty of capacity for all your van hiring needs.
  • Practical Car & Van Rental UK is the fourth largest national vehicle rental company in the UK. They pride themselves on delivering an outstanding service, quality rental vehicles and highly competitive rates. Their fleet extends from small courier vans through to refrigerated units and 7.5 ton lorries. They also offer one way rental services, meaning you don’t have to worry about returning your van.
  • Thames Van & Truck Hire have a wide range of van hire vehicles available to suit any van hire needs. With competitive prices and friendly customer service, this is one good choice in the Slough area.

Van Hire in Slough Costs

Slough National Car’s prices start at just £38.09 for a day. They offer cheaper rates for longer hire. With Practical Car & Van Rental UK you may be offered preferential rental rates for long term rentals. Thames Van & Truck Hire’s prices range from £42 to £130 per day. All prices are fully inclusive of VAT, insurance and breakdown cover.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Slough

So, whether you are moving an entire household or just the kitchen sink, or a box of Mars Bars for that matter, there are plenty of places to go in Slough to get the best possible deal. Why not try to contact some of the companies listed in this article and find the best solution to your needs? It is also a good idea to speak to people you know, maybe someone new has just moved into your street and used a van hire company in Slough to assist them. Or speak to some local companies and ask who they use, that means you can trust to get a good company, as the local business will already have done the research for you.

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