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Van Hire in Harlow

Van Hire in Harlow

Isn´t it annoying when you have things to move and they either won´t fit in your car or they would leave it filthier than the tip that you are taking them too?  You need to hire a van!  If you want to move a large item of furniture, you need to hire a van or if you are moving house, hiring a van could be a more viable option than calling in a removal company.  This is especially the case if you have some big strong chaps available to help with the lifting and carrying for you.  By doing it yourself, not only could you be saving yourself money but if you have packed everything yourself and loaded the van, then you are accountable to yourself and if there are any breakages, it is your own fault.  This is hardly likely to happen though as you will, of course, take more care of your own things than anyone else would.  Van Hire in Harlow is readily available and at prices that won´t break the bank either.

Van Hire in Harlow Companies

There are plenty of companies to choose from if you’re interested in van hire in Harlow but here are just a couple of examples to give you an idea of what services and choice of vehicles they offer.
  • Rowly´s Van Hire cover Harlow, Epping, Bishops Stortford, Stanstead and Hertfordshire. They will deliver to your door or business address and will also collect. They also hire out Sat Navs. They have a huge range of vans for hire and the sizes range from a compact van to a tail lift Luton.
  • At Abacus Van Hire you can collect your vehicle the evening before the day of rental at no extra cost so that you can get as early a start as you wish. They have a large fleet of vehicles ranging from Vans, trucks and minibuses to motor homes. You can hire from as little as one day or as long as you wish on a long term contract. Their vans are diesel driven and all have CD and radio fitted as standard. You have a choice of limited mileage of 100 miles a day, which is great if you won’t be doing much travelling, or unlimited mileage. Abacus are open seven days a week.

Van Hire in Harlow Costs

Van hire prices vary greatly depending on what size of van you need and how long for. They differ from company to company and can even vary from branch to branch. Rowly´s advertise that they have vans to rent from £26 per day whilst Abacus have to be contacted for a quote.

Finding a Van Hire in Harlow Company

You may very well do your homework beforehand and look around, or ask your friends and neighbours if anyone knows of a reputable company; you will be surprised at how many people have hired vans in the past and of course, if someone is going to pass on the details of a company that they have used in the past, it is unlikely that it will be unreliable is it?

When looking around, do get more than one quote as prices can differ but so can the other aspects of hiring which in some cases are included and in others are payable. Keep in mind that van hire in Harlow is widespread and readily available with plenty of companies to choose from.

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