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Van Hire in Grantham

Van Hire in Grantham

When it comes time to move your household stuff from your old home to another all sorts of concerns come to the fore.  Moving house is usually a tough, demanding experience, even painful sometimes, not least because it tends to coincide with other life-changing situations.  Maybe you are changing your job, or you have been transferred to another city.  Whatever the cause though, the process can lead to loss or damage of valuable property, through breakage for example.  Given the stress and strain of the whole experience, and the volume of stuff involved, this isn’t the time to consider pressing into service your family saloon car.  What you will need is a van.  Fortunately a number of dependable van hire services exist in Grantham, Lincolnshire that guarantee to help make the whole process quick and painless.

Van Hire in Grantham Companies

Depending on your requirements (the volume of stuff you have to move for example, or the distances involved) several companies have fleets of vans, ranging from the smallest ones like the Volkswagen Caddy to the big, long-haul utility vans like the Mercedes Sprinter.
  • United Rental System on Harlaxton Rd offers the full range of models to suit your requirements and they have special lower rates for weekends and holidays. In case you need to use the van for an extended period of time they will offer you very attractive long-term rates
  • Enterprise-Rent-A-Car on Inner Street offer light-duty vans as well as transit-sized models at attractive rates. In addition they have a free pick-up service, which means no extra costs once you are through using the van; they will just pick it up from wherever you took it.
  • Northgate Vehicle Hire Limited on Harlaxton Road offer daily and weekly hire schemes with special low rates for weekends. The company boasts of its prompt breakdown and recovery service, which comes at no extra cost to you.

Van Hire in Grantham Costs

For the small light-duty vans, daily rental charges in Grantham range from £22 to £30 depending on the company and £70 for the big vans. The average for a week’s rental is £160 for the smaller vans, and £365 for the big vans. Weekend charges are on average a little under half of the weekly charges for all the models.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Grantham

When looking for the van hire company that will give you the best service for your money the best source of information by far is the age old word-of-mouth. Try friends and family who have had occasion to hire a van, and find out which company they used, and the quality of service they got. Another good source of information is a company you have used before, for example, when you needed to have furniture brought into your house. Such a company will have the data on most of the van hire services operating in Grantham, the good as well as the ugly. You can usually trust these recommendations. In the last resort of course you should call the companies themselves and make your own judgment from what you hear.

If you find yourself having to move your things from or within Grantham don’t let the problem overwhelm you. Specialised services for van hire in Grantham are available that promise to take the whole problem off your hands.

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