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Van Hire in Eastbourne

Van Hire in Eastbourne

Eastbourne is a nice, little town that lies on the south coast of England.  It is a very popular seaside resort and, as expected, relies heavily on tourism.  This large number of tourists also means that there are a lot of shopping districts and local retail stores.  As a result, there is a booming van rental industry for the tourists as well as the locals that either need help transporting some heavy cargo or are just moving out of their house and prefer to rent a van to do the job themselves.  Whatever the reason, the idea is that there is a varied selection when you are searching for van hire in Eastbourne.

Van Hire in Eastbourne Companies

Apex car rental is a company located in Eastbourne that provides vans and cars for both daily use as well as for longer periods of time. They have a good supply of vehicles, especially for a smaller company, and offer significant discounts when you are renting a car for over 28 days.

Europcar is another option to go with. It is an international car rental service with shops all over Europe, including one in Eastbourne. Besides their affordable and attractive rental rates they offer extra services such as GPS systems and extra drivers.

Van Hire in Eastbourne Costs

While Apex car rental’s rates for daily uses are pretty standard, they provide very affordable and attractive rates for prolonged usage. All of their vans have special prices if they are rented for over 28 days: a small Ford Transit Connect 200 SWB Diesel goes for £300 plus taxes for the 28 day period; the bigger Ford Transit 260 SWB and the Ford Transit 350 LWB go for £289 and £400, respectively. Their biggest van available is the Ford Transit Tourneo SWB that can be rented for 28 days for the price of £419.

Europcar has a much wider selection of cars and could be an ideal choice for anyone looking for van hire in Eastbourne. The models are ideal for any possible purpose, from moving into a new house to just transport a new fridge. They are willing to deliver the car anywhere free of charge and also provide you with all the services you could want, such as an extra driver at £7 extra per day or a GPS satellite navigation system for £10 extra per day.

Finding a Van Hire in Eastbourne Company

Any city that is a tourist attraction will have a little bit of every kind of service in order to satisfy everyone. It is the same situation when you are searching for van hire in Eastbourne- plenty of companies that offer similar services. It is up to you to tell the best deals apart from all the other ones. In order to help you with this you could turn to your friends or your family members to see which ones have used one or more of these companies in the past and see what they thought of their customer service. Any way to want to handle it, you should have no problem making the right choice when you are deciding upon using van hire in Eastbourne.

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