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Van Hire in Kent

Van Hire in Kent

Searching for the right company that provides van hire in Kent or in any other part of the UK can certainly be troublesome if you do not have the proper guidance. Whether you are moving home, taking the family away for the weekend or picking up a large delivery from the other side of town, van hire is definitely the easiest way of accomplishing all three in a convenient and affordable manner.

Van Hire in Kent Companies

You are going to find a good amount of companies that have car and van hire in Kent just by asking around for the most popular one. Here are a few of these car and van rental companies:
  • If you are living or working near Alyesford then Seymour Self Drive is a name which might be of interest to you. They are located in East Malling near the New Hythe railway station and cater for all sizes of vans that may be required for hire including the tiny Ford Fiesta 1.4Tdci and Renault Kangoo SI 17DSI.
  • Kenhire is another well reputed name in Kent and their office is located in the Henwood Industrial Estate of Ashford. It has one of the biggest varieties of vans for hire in Kent and at very competitive rates as well.
  • If you live in the Dartford area of Kent then one van hire company that is really close by is Dartford Motors. They have a huge variety of vans for hire, including Citroen, Volks Wagon, Ford and Fiat to suit every customer’s needs.

Van Hire in Kent Costs

Van hire in Kent rates vary from company to company so you are advised to look around and find the best price for your needs. Below are the average costs that you can expect to pay for a day rental:
  • Ford Fiesta Van 1.4Tdci - £37.
  • Renault Kangoo Sl17 Dci - £41.
  • Ford 280 Transit SWB - £55.
  • Fiat Ducato 35 120 Lwb - £64.
  • VW Lt35 Dropside + ramps - £ 74.
  • Iveco Daily 35c1 Luton T/Lift - £88.
You might also want to check what each company’s costs involve, as although one might seem to be a lot cheaper, it is likely that extras such as international hire, extra drivers, insurance and young drivers may be charged separately and at a premium rate. Be sure to know exactly what you need before you ask around to be guaranteed the best price for your needs.

Finding a Van Hire in Kent Company

If the van hire companies listed above do not meet your needs, do not worry as there are more options available to you. Instead of wasting time surfing the net to find customer testimonials that were possibly written by the company themselves, why not ask around your friends, family members and work colleagues. If anyone you know has hired a van in the Kent area they should be able to tell you more about the company and if they recommend them or not. This is the next best way to find a van hire in Kent company for your needs.

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