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Van Hire in Wimbledon

Van Hire in Wimbledon

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in difficult predicaments.  Whether it’s getting grandma’s new table to her before Christmas dinner or having to move house when the kids go to a new school, we just can’t do it with what we have.  Sometimes it is necessary to get goods for your small business off to a client quickly before they complain about your service or you may want to take the family on a road trip but just don’t have enough space for everybody in the car.  

Whatever the need, we often have to get a van on a temporary basis. Have you ever tried moving house in a car? It can take twice as long and end up being the nightmare that you want to forget. Luckily, there are some reputable van dealers in Wimbledon who will be able to get you a van to rent in very little time and with very little effort. Self-drive is cheaper and so probably better suited for those of you who are watching your budget.

Van Hire in Wimbledon Companies

Kendall Cars also hire out vans when needed and boast over a thousand vehicles in their inventory so they are clearly a market leader. They have some wonderful prices and an extremely professional service and range.

Otherwise, you could also try United Car and Van Rental who have been in the business for over ten years. They also offer long term rental for businesses in particular who want to have insurance and other maintenance taken care of for longer (but still temporary) jobs.

Van Hire in Wimbledon Costs

Kendall Cars hire out their Peugot vans for £26 per day. However if you want to use them for a week it will only be £129. It is important to note (and Kendall clearly state) that there are surcharges for pickups on the weekend and Luton vans cost more in surcharges than other vans. If you want something a bit more industrial or capable of carrying more like the Ford Transit, Kendall will rent this to you for £77 for two days. United Car and Van Rental will normally charge at a starting rate of £55 for short wheel based vans.

Finding a Van Hire in Wimbledon Company

With companies like Kendall and United it is an easy process finding the vans that you want and it won’t set you back all that much. This means that you can now take your van and get on with your business. Be sure that you understand the terms and conditions that are part of your service agreement with the provider of the van though. You need to know how to react should disaster occur and who to call. Most companies will give you this information in a booklet and emergency numbers will be in the car or stuck on the window. Take our advice on finding van hire in Wimbledon because this is the first step and from there things will become much easier.

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