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Van Hire in Oxford

Van Hire in Oxford

When it comes time to FINALLY leave home and start your studies at the prestigious University of Oxford, you’re going to want to take some of your home comforts with you and dad’s car isn’t going to be big enough.  Why not rent a van?  Whether you want to get that awesome red racing-car bed to your dorm room so you feel at home, or you’re moving to another home, you should be considering where to go for van hire in Oxford.  Even more and more businesses these days are opting to take contract hire on vans rather than buying them.

Van Hire in Oxford Companies

  • Northgate Vehicle Hire offers single vans for personal and business use or even entire fleets for your business. They also sell used vans and other commercial vehicles. They have been in operation for 30 years and boast a customer base of over 7000 clients across the United Kingdom. They will give you up to 35% discount for weekly rates and offer special weekend rates. They encourage you to call in and speak to a consultant, who can advise you on what the best van for your needs.
  • TVR Self Drive is a privately owned independent company offering van hire in Oxford. Their modern, clean and well maintained vehicle fleet is available for local and foreign travel. They offer breakdown cover, low deposits and special rates on car and van rentals. Booking online with TVR Self Drive will get you an extra 5% discount too.
  • Ock Hire is family run business that has been around for 30 years. They hire out vans and minibuses for all needs – from small panel vans to Luton vans with tail lifts – Ock Hire have it all. They are open seven days a week and offer part-day hire. They also have an out of hours drop off facility and will even give you a driver with your van rental if you need one.

Van Hire in Oxford Costs

Van hire in Oxford pricing is fairly average, with the smaller vans like a Volkswagen Caddy renting at £36 a day or £181 a week and larger vans like the Ford Transit LWB setting you back £60 a day or £291 a week. For the more adventurous, a Luton Van will bill at £75 a day or £370 a week. Most van hire companies in Oxford charge you extra for additional drivers and most give you a limited free mileage per day.

Finding a Van Hire in Oxford Company

Before you hire a van be sure to ask around for any experience your friends, colleagues or family might have had with some of the van hire companies in Oxford. You might also ask at a local shop or market if anyone has had experience with any of the companies offering van hire. Usually someone will have a glowing recommendation in favour of one of them. The last thing you want is unsatisfactory service from the company you chose for your van hire in Oxford.

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