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Van Hire in Redditch

Van Hire in Redditch

People can get sick with their current towns.  Seeing the same people every day and taking the same route to work can wear a person down.  That is why some of them feel the need to start a fresh from time to time.  If they have the possibilities they prefer to move to another city.  Redditch is a town faced with this situation frequently, as people want to move here to start a new life.  Their first obstacle is deciding how to proceed with transporting all of their stuff.  There are two common options: they can hire a moving company to haul the cargo and hope that they take their job seriously and do not cause any damage to their property or they can rent a van for a few days and carry everything themselves.  For those that choose the second option there are plenty of companies ready to satisfy the needs of those looking for van hire in Redditch.

Van Hire in Redditch Companies

  • If you want to go with a global company, then you can choose between Europcar or National Car. They both have great credentials and are regarded worldwide as serious and respected businesses that know how to treat their customers. If you decide to rent a van from them you will benefit from professional and fast services from people that have years of experience working for companies that provide the client with affordable rates on a wide range of vehicles.
  • If you prefer to use a national or even local company then you can try Yello Hire car rental company. They are a national company that operate throughout England in order to provide their clients with the best services with the lowest rates and taxes.
  • Another option would be to go with Studley Motors Van Hire which is a company based in the Redditch area. Just because it is small it does not mean that it does not take its job and promises to customers seriously. They pride themselves on offering the best deals and great discounts for repeat clients to show them that they appreciate their business.

Van Hire in Redditch Costs

Studley Motors van hire might not have a very wide selection of vehicles, especially if you compare them to the bigger companies like Sixt and Europcar, but they do make up for it with speedy and professional services and great rates. All of their vans can be rented for a day, a weekend, 3 days or a week. The prices for the smaller vans are £36, £60, £90 and £180, respectively. If you need something a little bigger they can offer a High Top van at £60 for the day, £90 for the weekend, £150 for 3 days and £300 for an entire week.

Finding a Van Hire in Redditch Company

In order to help you make the best decision when deciding which company to go with you could ask for help from a friend, a colleague or a family member whose opinion you trust and who has also used a van rental service before. This way you can make sure that you go with the right company when you are looking for van hire in Redditch.

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