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Van Hire in Kings Lynn

Van Hire in Kings Lynn

When does the idea of hiring a van come to mind? Well, mostly while moving household items, moving to new accommodation, or even taking family or friends on a picnic (for which more towards van cum personnel seating bus would be the requirement).  Hiring a van in Kings Lynn should not be a problem at all as there are so many options available to the service buyer.  In fact, it is due to the mushroom growth of this service that one now finds it difficult to decide as to which service to opt for.  For the user of the service it is a healthy arrangement to have so many van hire companies operating in one area, as the same ensures competition and improvement of service quality.

Van Hire in Kings Lynn Companies

  • When you are looking for companies of van hire in Kings Lynn which are going to provide you the rental service for your personal or commercial use, you will come across A 10 Auto Centre which is located on 14 Hamburg Way in the North Lynn Industrial Estate. They pride themselves on their superior quality assurance and an unmatched higher level of service. Needless to say that the cost of this service is a little above the mark of the rest of the van rentals but some say it is well worth it.
  • Thrifty’s outlet located in the Saddlebow Industrial Estate, Norfolk provides a large variety of vans in its pool of vehicles for your choosing. They even provide vans on hire to customers who are in the age group between 21-24 and 70-75, however conditions do apply and there are some extra hidden charges for these two age groups which are demanded when the final booking is done.
  • CR Motors is another source which provides vehicles on self-drive arrangements and commercial use. They are located in Narrows Industrial Estate on Hereford Way and are also reputed for their competitive prices on van hire in Kings Lynn.

Van Hire in Kings Lynn Costs

Hiring a van in Kings Lynn will cost you anywhere from £30 per day to £41.32 per day for a small Ford Transit Connect. Similarly a Ford Transit LWB (long wheel base) costs between £70 and £75 per day depending on the company you choose. Due to this contrast in prices you should check out what each company includes in the price before making your final decision. If good customer services and well maintained vehicles are important to you, you may be better off opting for the higher priced companies.

Finding a Van Hire in Kings Lynn Company

If the above companies are out of your budget range, or simply do not offer the services you require, you are advised to speak to friends and colleagues who have hired a van in the Kings Lynn area before. They will be able to give recommendations on who are good and who aren’t and help you come to a decision on which van hire in Kings Lynn company is best for you.

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