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Van Hire in Fareham

Van Hire in Fareham

For those that are looking for a change of scenery they could do a lot worse than moving to Fareham, one of the most historic towns in England.  In fact, many people have done this, as the population in the city is continually growing.  But anyone that wants to move has to be prepared for a few days of hell.  Moving from one city to another can be one of the most stressful situations you could encounter.  The main reason for this is transporting all of your stuff.  The smaller items can fit in boxes in your car, but what about the furniture and the big appliances?  For this you need to hire a moving company.  However, not everyone trusts a moving company to keep their stuff safe and intact for the long journey ahead.  That is why many people prefer to rent a van and just carry everything to the new house themselves.  Luckily for those moving into the Fareham area, there are plenty of car rental companies for those looking for van hire in Fareham.

Van Hire in Fareham Companies

  • The Hertz Corporation is a giant American car rental company that is regarded worldwide as a trusted and effective service provider. Just because they started out in America does not mean they had any trouble extending to every corner in Europe. Nowadays they have service stations in 145 countries around the globe. You can get great customer service and affordable prices on any automobile you want to rent from them.
  • For those that prefer to use local companies, Fareham Self Drive is a well-known car rental provider in Fareham and the surrounding area with over 30 years of experience of serving their clients with professionalism and efficiency. They keep up with the bigger competition by offering their customers better prices and special discounts.

Van Hire in Fareham Costs

Fareham Self Drive is probably the best service to use if you are looking for van hire in Fareham or the Fareham area. They have great, affordable prices for all types of van models. They rent out their vans for a multitude of periods, ranging from the minimum of 4 hours up to how ever many days you could possibly want. A smaller Ford Transit van is rented out for £32 for four hours, £49 for the entire day and £235 for the whole week.

If you need a bigger model you can get a Luton with or without the tail lift for £42 for four hours, £75 for the whole day and £329 for the week. Their biggest transport vehicle available would be the 7.5 ton truck. That is priced at £50 for the minimum period of four hours, £100 for the entire day and £495 for the whole week.

Finding a Van Hire in Fareham Company

If you are looking for a van hire in Fareham then you are in luck because the offers are plentiful. However, you should take precautions to make sure that you wind up with the best deal available. Consult friends and members of your family that have past experience of renting vans to see what mistakes you should avoid. Other than that, it is very easy to get a van hire in Fareham when you need one.

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