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Van Hire in South East London

Van Hire in South East London

South East London is an ethnically diverse area of London.  Around 1.3 million people live here and people move in and out of the area very regularly.  Maybe you are one of those people moving in to the area.  Or maybe you are moving out of the area.  Or perhaps a child is about to go to one of the great universities or colleges and needs some help moving all their stuff into their new dorm or apartment.  Or perhaps you want to go and sell some products in one the great markets around South East London.  There are plenty of reasons for you to hire a van to enable you to transport anything in South East London.  Finding a van to hire, luckily, is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Van Hire in South East London Companies

  • You could try I Can Hire, the easy way to rent vans in London. I Can Hire pride themselves on their fresh, new approach to van hire. You can take advantage of one of their self-service check-out and check-in locations, or rent from a branch. They boast to have the best rates in London, and have an extensive fleet. Also, they offer possibilities to rent by the hour, day, week or month!
  • D&M Self Drive Van Hire London pride themselves on their reputation for being the best van hire service in London, not just for their prices, but also for their high quality service. What they say is what they do, no story telling. The price they say is the price you pay and since there are no hidden extras in their prices, they feel they are different from other van hire companies in the area.
  • London Transit Van Centre describe themselves as South London’s premier van hire service. They have a large fleet of vehicles available for overnight, weekly, weekend and long term lease hire. Their hire rates are extremely competitive and they have established their reputation over many years as the friendly face of van hire. Their team is dedicated to providing you with the most cost effective service.

Van Hire in South East London Costs

I Can Hire’s prices include VAT, unlimited mileage, fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover and there are no hidden extras. Their prices range from just over £30 for a day, to £107.23 for a large box van with tail lift. D&M Self Drive’s prices start from just £25 per day, which is really good value! London Transit Van’s prices range from £47 per day for the smaller vans to £124.95 for the larger trucks.

Finding a Van Hire in South East London Company

So, whatever the reason may be that you are looking to hire a van in South East London, you have plenty of options to choose from. Why not try contacting some of the companies listed above. Speaking to friends and family members is also always a good idea when you are looking for the best place for van hire in South East London.

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