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Van Hire in Burnley

Van Hire in Burnley

Burnley is more than likely not the largest town you've ever been to, but a nice quiet place to live for most people in the Manchester area.  It is a great combination between access to all the good features of a big city (21 miles away from Manchester mean that its inhabitants have the possibility of working, shopping and accessing all the Manchester services), without the tiring noise and stressful environment that usually comes with an industrial location.  The one downside of being within a certain distance from the area's commercial centre is the necessity to occasionally transport goods - especially if you decide to open a business in your town.  Luckily, the law of supply and demand has come up with a solution: van hire in Burnley.

Van Hire in Burnley Companies

When deciding on a van hire company, you will have to choose its location - you can choose one in the place from which or towards which you would like to make the transportation, or you can go and simply choose a company which has a branch in Burnley. Such companies include:
  • Thrifty, Car & Van Rental - The company has rental locations all over the UK, offering you the possibility to make the point of car delivery different from the point you rented the car from, useful especially in the case of need for just one-way transportation. Thrifty, Car & Van Rental is part of the Scot Group Ltd which is a family business developed in the last 35 years, giving it the advantage of a closer customer contact.
  • Enterprise, Rent-A-Car - An international car and van rental, Enterprise has branches in the US, Canada, Ireland and Germany, on top of the UK offices - which makes it easier in the case of international van hire necessities. Like Thrifty, Enterprise can allow you to drop off the van at a different location compared to the rental place.
  • Speedy Car & Van Rental - A company established in 1991, Speedy Car & Van Rental is centred in the Lancashire area. As a local company, it is more appropriate for two-way roads and short-distance one-way transportation necessities. It has the advantage of being more in tune with the area's particularities.

Van Hire in Burnley Costs

Renting a van in Burnley is a service which has costs that can vary based on the time you need the van for and the type of van you need. Prices can vary from £30 to £75 for one rental day, while the price-per-day may occasionally be reduced in case of longer periods of time rentals. Make sure you understand all services included in the price you are paying so that, if you require any special services that are not included, you can calculate price/quality ratio based on the additional payments you may need to make.

Finding a Van Hire in Burnley Company

With around 50 car and van rental companies in the area, finding a van hire company in the Burnley area is not exceedingly difficult. You may want to request some recommendations from friends or business partners in order to locate the best company suitable for your needs. In the process of van hire in Burnley, you may find that other customer's satisfaction may be the most important factor in helping you choose which company is best for you.

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