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Van Hire in Oxfordshire

Van Hire in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is the home of Morris Motors.  Looking for van hire in a county that has one of the historically most ridiculed motor vehicle manufacturing companies in it makes choosing the right van even more important!  Whether you’re the thrifty dad that refuses to pay anyone for anything you can do yourself or you just want to save a few quid on your move, hiring a van is a much cheaper option than paying a moving company to move your belongings and often less stressful.  Luckily, if you’re about to move or need a van, you have many options for van hire in Oxfordshire.

Van Hire in Oxfordshire Companies

  • Thrifty Can and Van Rental is a family run company and is part of the Scot Group. The company opened its doors in 1973 and has gone from strength to strength. They offer both car and van rentals and have a range of luxury vehicles. When it comes to vans, Thrifty has it all - from small to large vans and even some specialist vans. They offer air-con in most of their vans and supply them with a full tank of fuel, which you can either buy at a reduced rate or return the van full.
  • Rabbits Vehicle Hire is a group of companies that operate in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. They have a fleet of modern panel vans, Luton’s, tippers and 7.5 ton box trucks. All of their vans are available for short and long term hire and foreign travel can be arranged. Rabbits Vehicle Hire has a van delivery and collection service, supply breakdown cover and full insurance.
  • Another option is the man-with-a-van option. Oxford Removals Man and Van is another family owned company that specialise in local and long-distance removal van hire in Oxfordshire. They promise to be with you through every stage of the moving process and treat your belongings with respect and care. They also offer a host of moving tips and pointers to help you prepare for the move.

Van Hire in Oxfordshire Costs

Van hire in Oxfordshire costs are very average compared to elsewhere in Great Britain. The smallest van on offer, the Peugeot Blipper rents for £38 a day or £170 a week. For something with a bit more space, like the Mercedes Sprinter, you’d be paying £87 a day or £413 for the whole week. If you need some serious hauling capacity, the Mercedes Luton with a tail lift will cost you £98 a day or a hefty £469 for the week. All of the prices above include air-conditioned vans with full insurance.

Finding a Van Hire in Oxfordshire Company

As long as none of them drive a Morris, the best advice is to ask your friends and family for recommendations for which van hire company you should use. We’re sure you’ll find some of your friends and family will have horror stories or praise for certain companies that will sway your decision and help you decide where you can get the best van hire in Oxfordshire for your needs.

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