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Van Hire in Dover

Van Hire in Dover

Hiring a van can be the best way to get around when you are temporarily out of a vehicle or need to ship the kids off to major events.  It is also a wonderful business tool for special deliveries or additional usage when the company van is not available.  Hiring in a van doesn’t have to be a difficult process and can be a fast solution in a tricky situation.  Most car rental companies hire vans out as well but it is better to find a company that specialises in vans because they understand your specific moving needs.

Van Hire in Dover Companies

  • Practical Car and Van Hire is a company that understands the needs of their consumer. They have a range of vans from short wheelers right through to heavy duty vans needed for business. They are the fourth largest rental company for vans and cars in the United Kingdom and are accustomed to both commercial and business hiring.
  • Yellow Hire on the other hand boast better prices than other rental companies and live up to their word. They promise that you won’t find hidden costs which can be a welcome change from the many rental companies who will charge you extra fees without letting you know until the last minute. Yellow Hire have great testimonials available to potential hirers so be sure to read what others have said about their service.
  • Economy Car Rentals have positioned themselves as a hiring company who offer great prices for longer rentals. They may be worth looking into if you need the vehicle for quite some time.

Van Hire in Dover Costs

The cost of your service will largely depend on how long and how far you plan on going with your van but you will generally find that starter prices sit at £23 a day. Van Hire Dover offer the Vauxhall Combo for £31 per day which is perfect for moving or shipping around the family. The Citroen Picasso goes for £44. It is a beautiful high end van that will take care of practically any moving need that you have. This may seem quite expensive but these vans are in the top quality category and very versatile. The Ford Mondeo is good for heavy duty travellers and goes for approximately £50 a day. It comes with the added benefits of power steering and airbags as well as standard safety features. It’s a manual but well worth its slightly higher price.

Finding Van Hire in Dover Companies

Your van hiring needs can be taken care of in a heartbeat through one of the many hiring companies you will find in the area. Be sure to take the advice of people you know and referrals seriously. It is important that you work with a well-known company who have prices and vehicles that suit your needs. Van hire in Dover is an easy process thanks to the many companies operating in the area who are quick, reliable and efficient.

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