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Van Hire in Chichester

Van Hire in Chichester

Hiring a van is the best solution to a lot of problems related to moving or transporting.  A van hire protects you from the inconvenience of travelling the same route a lot of times or better yet from actually buying a van for such odd occasions.  Van rental therefore is economical and convenient.  There are a dozen companies that provide van hire in Chichester, however searching for the right company or the company that has the best vehicle with good rates can prove to be quite difficult.  Wouldn’t you love it if someone just recommended a couple of reputable companies that offer van hire in Chichester?  This article is going to do just that.  We are going to talk about a couple of companies from the area of Chichester and then you give a list of daily hire rates.

Van Hire in Chichester Companies

Chichester Rental and Car Hire is a well-known company that provides van hire in Chichester. They promise that your required vehicle will be delivered to your doorstep and likewise when your hiring time is up, they can collect the van from your home. Chichester Rental has a large range of cars and vans available for your convenience. You can just long online or visit the company in person to choose the one that best fits your needs. Booking is very simple, you can just log on to their website and place your orders there. You can even get a direct quote from there. You can also be sure that the vehicle you are going to receive will be thoroughly checked and cleaned before it will be handed over to you.

Another popular van hire company in the Chichester area is Panther truck rental which has an extensive 24 years worth of experience in the field. They claim their service to be unparalleled both because of their service and the competitive rates that they have to offer on the different models of vehicles that they own. Among the vans they have are Berlingo Vans, Transit Vans, Transit Hi-Top Vans, Luton Vans, Luton Vans with a Tail Lift and Cargo Vans.

Van Hire in Chichester Costs

To give you an idea of what you should be spending for a one day van hire in Chichester please have a look at the approximate prices for the area below:
  • A small Berlingo van - £39.
  • A small wheel base transit van - £49.
  • A Mercedes sprinter - £50.
  • A long wheel base van - £65.
  • A Luton van - £66.
  • A Mercedes Luton Van - £70.
  • A Luton with a tail lift - £72.
  • A cargo van - £105.

Finding a Van Hire in Chichester Company

With dozens of companies to choose from in the Chichester area, why not speak to colleagues, friends and small business owners in your area who have had experience with van hire companies. They should be able to help you choose the best van hire in Chichester company for your needs.

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