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Van Hire in Enfield

Van Hire in Enfield

Everyone likes a change of scenery from now and then.  However, most people prefer to avoid this issue because of the huge hassle that moving to a new house can be, especially if it is in a new city.  Those that do take this leap of faith often resort to avoiding at least one issue that comes up when you are moving house: that is the moving company.  Some of them really take no care in transporting your cargo safely.  That is why a lot of people prefer to rent a van and just carry everything themselves from one house to the other.  Those that are looking for van hire in Enfield are in luck as the city has a few options available.  By being part of the Greater London area it has a lot of van rental companies that do business in London and also extended their services to Enfield.

Van Hire in Enfield Companies

The big companies that have a strong presence in Enfield would be Sixt and Van Hire 3000. Both of them are powerful companies that have service stations all over Europe and offer a wide variety of automobiles for those that want van hire in Enfield. Other than these there are car rental companies that do not have a station in Enfield, but being so close to London they will probably include free delivery: Europcar, National Car etc.

If you are looking for something a little more local then you can call Sam’s Van Hire that has two service stations, one in Ealing and the other in Enfield. Just because they are a small business does not mean that they lack the proper cars. Vans from their company come in small, medium, large, extra long, Luton, Tipper and 17 seater minibuses.

Van Hire in Enfield Costs

Sixt is a company that relies on daily and weekly special deals to attract the customers. Their current offers include a Ford Transit LWB for £37 per day and a Ford Transit 280 for £29 per day. Students can get a special price on a Volkswagen Caddy Van at just £25 per day. Other companies like Van Hire 3000 offer smaller vans like the Renault Kangoo at a price of around £30 per day, while bigger vans like the Ford Transit 260 SWB and the Ford Transit 350 LWB range in price from £55 to £60 per day.

Finding a Van Hire in Enfield Company

There is a pretty good selection for those that want van hire in Enfield. However, if they are not satisfied with the offers available, they could go to London and choose from any car rental that they wanted. Finding the companies is the easy part. The hard part is choosing the best deal. You would be better off asking a friend or a family member for help, especially one that has previous experience in renting vans or other types of trucks. That is the best way to benefit from van hire in Enfield.

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