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Van Hire in Epsom

Van Hire in Epsom

Those that live in or around Epsom know that it is a growing city.  It has one of the most well-known racetracks in the entire United Kingdom and its residential areas are getting more and more populated.  Many of the people that move in to Epsom choose to transport their furniture and other stuff by themselves instead of turning to a moving company.  This means that van hire in Epsom is a business that is continually improving and plenty of companies have taken notice and have extended the reach of their operations to this city.

Van Hire in Epsom Companies

Two major international companies have stations in Epsom: Van Hire 3000 and Sixt. Van Hire 3000 is part of a much bigger car broker agency called Travel Jigsaw that has multiple rental companies that service all of Europe. Sixt is also a major international company that has over a hundred service stations in the United Kingdom. With almost a hundred years of experience it is one of the oldest and most trusted car rental companies not only in the UK or Europe, but the entire world.

Another company that rents vans in Epsom is Wilson’s. Although it is a car dealer that specialises in selling cars, it does have a good variety of vans that can be rented out at affordable prices.

Van Hire in Epsom Costs

Wilson’s offers vans in small, medium and large sizes at very affordable rates. Their prices are for a daily, a weekend or a weekly rental, with discounts available for longer periods of time. A small van can start at £30 with £60 for a weekend rental and £125 for the entire week. The cheapest medium van is priced at £50 for the day, £90 for the weekend and £225 for the whole week. Their biggest vans have a starting price of £60 for a daily rent, £100 for the weekend and £250 for an entire week. With over 1000 models of cars in stock there will be plenty of models to choose from for those that use this company when they need van hire in Epsom.

Other companies like Sixt and Van Hire 3000 have standard prices ranging from £30 to £35 for the smaller models and around £50-£60 for the medium and large vans. There are always special offers and discounts available, especially for loyal customers so it is always worth checking out their stores.

Finding a Van Hire in Epsom Company

If you plan on moving house by yourself without resorting to a moving company, plan ahead very carefully. This can be a serious undertaking. If you need a van hire in Epsom you will want to use the absolute best. That is why it is important to compare all of the offers available to see which one is the best. A good thing to do would be to ask one of your friends or a family member for help. This person should be someone you trust and that has experience either with moving from a city to another or with renting a car. That is recommended procedure when you want van hire in Epsom.

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