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Van Hire in Camberley

Van Hire in Camberley

A van is one kind of vehicle which has more practical purposes to solve than to just sit in the porch and look pretty. They can be used to move furniture or cargo that needs to be transported.  For those people who require a van occasionally, van hire solves the purpose perfectly.  There are many companies in the UK which provide the hiring services of vans.  The purpose of this article is to go over some of these companies who provide van hire in Camberley.  There are many reputable companies in Camberley, so the next time anyone requires to move their furniture or luggage from one place to another, consider your worries solved.

Van Hire in Camberley Companies

When looking for van hire in Camberley, the name which is the most famous is that of Kendall Cars car rental. Other than providing the normal vehicles, this car rental company has a wide range of vans to offer. Surely, one of these would meet your requirements. They have got vans suitable for transporting packed boxes as well as those which are high enough to accommodate large pieces of furniture as well. Kendall Cars have models of vans from Peugeot, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi and others. They also boast that they have the lowest rates even after the special offers end; moreover they are probably the most experienced rental company in Camberley.

Kelly Van hire is another known company in the area which provides van hire in Camberley. Their specialty is that they even have half day rates; so you don’t even have to worry about paying for a complete day. What’s more, young drivers aged 21-25 are also accepted. Kelly Van Hire has a range of vans for customers to choose from, depending upon their rates.

Van Hire in Camberley Costs

Van hire in Camberley can cost you differently depending on where you look. The difference in rates may depend upon:
  • They types of models each company has.
  • The condition of the vehicle.
  • The on-going deals of the season.
Although these factors will matter when finalising the cost, the average costs are still listed below.
  • A combo sized van for one day would probably be available for £26.
  • A Transit van for hire of one day will cost £39.
  • A one day hire of a Luton van will cost around £65.
  • A cargo van for a day will cost around £97.
  • A Fridge van might cost around £65.
  • A day’s hire for a Scudo van is somewhere around £32.
Please remember that all these costs are approximate and will surely differ from one hiring company to another.

Finding a Van Hire in Camberley Company

The intention of this article was to help the reader find what they are looking for at a suitable price. If however both these hiring companies don’t meet your needs, then perhaps you could look around further in your area or ask someone you know if they can recommend a company for van hire in Camberley.

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