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Van Hire in Chester

Van Hire in Chester

Getting a moving company to help you get your things from one place to another can be a total nightmare!  SO many things break and go missing because ultimately, it’s not their things that they are moving around.  Sometimes, it is better to take things into your own hands and move all by yourself (even if it means taking a day or two off work).  This way, you know you will get all of your valuable things from A to B safely.  If you only have a car to work with, you will find that what should be an easy process can take as long as a month.  There are all those extra little things that just have to go (like Grandma’s favourite bonsai).  The truth is, you will need a van if you want to end up sane on the other side.  Luckily, there are some great van rental companies in Chester that can leave you in control without all the hassle. 

Van Hire in Chester Companies

Moston Van Rental operate in the Chester area. They are said to be the oldest van hire company in the area and bring with them solid expertise and convenience. They have vehicles available for long term hire and boast competitive rates. Plus, if you are looking for a specific model that they don’t have, they may be able to order it in especially for you. Now that’s customer service.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car are another option. They offer a range of vehicles throughout Chester. They also have a free pick up service so that you don’t pay for the movement of the van when it is out of your hands. They cater to businesses and individual users but you will need to reserve a van beforehand so be sure to let them know in advance.

Van Hire in Chester Costs

Moston Rental is a great van hire in Chester company to go with because they are extremely affordable. They do harbour a range of high performance vehicles which are guaranteed to help you with any task. A Mercedes Sprinter is only £39 for a total of four hours which is a lot less than most rental companies. Naturally, the longer you hire the van for, the more you get for your money. For a 7 day hire, you will only pay £246. They also have Luton box with a tail lift for £80 a day, which is perfectly reasonable.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Chester

If you are still looking for the perfect van hire company, try contacting some of the companies mentioned here like Moston and see what they have to offer you. Otherwise, your best bet is to speak to friends who have needed a similar service before. Try to find a local company who move similar goods to you. i.e. if you are moving household valuables, try contacting your local furniture store and ask them who they recommend. They have already spent time finding a van hire company in Chester and have probably been through all the companies that didn’t satisfy their needs.

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