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Van Hire in Weston Super Mare

Van Hire in Weston Super Mare

For those of you who have been to Western Super Mare or live in the area, the beauty of this little town along the seaside is probably familiar.  Whether you are staying in Oldmixen, Westwick or World or need to move things around in the area, a van is the perfect vehicle to get you (and your goods) where you need to go.  There is nothing nicer than taking your friends and family to the beach while you enjoy the space and luxury of an all-insured, rented van.  If you are moving goods, a van is the quickest way to do this and will take up far less of your time than shipping things across from one place to another in a car.  Luckily there are some hiring companies that operate in the area and can give you good deals on a van of your choice.

Van Hire in Weston Super Mare Companies

  • Thrifty Car Rental, hire out vans in the Weston Super Mare area. In fact, they have more than one delivery and pick up location so it doesn’t matter where you are, they can help you!
  • Otherwise, Speedway Hire are also available and cater to all of your van requirements. In fact, they will deliver your van for free if you are in a ten mile radius of their station and they have some great specials for you to take advantage of.
  • Enterprise are another company that you should consider for van rentals.
  • Europcar operate all around the United Kingdom and Europe and often have deals on for consumers. It helps to take a deal and save on costs even if you have to try a new van.

Van Hire in Weston Super Mare Costs

Speedway Hire have starting costs of £25 which is one of the most affordable van hiring prices in the whole of the United Kingdom. Also, with Speedway, you can even hire an extra driver for absolutely no extra cost which is not a usual practice for hiring companies. Pearce Bros have some reasonable deals for hiring. If you are looking at vans specifically, you can get a weekly rate of £149. This rate will however, apply to online booking which the company prefers. If you need something bigger like a Sprinter 4 meter, it will cost you £259 for a weekly rate.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Weston Super Mare

So at the end of the day, it isn’t too difficult a process organising a rental van for your time in Weston Super Mare or any related business. There are a surprisingly large number of hiring companies that work in the area so you will be spoilt for choice. If you ask around, you will find that most people are happy with the service in the area. Just be sure to check that you are covered by insurance without additional premiums when you collect your van hire in Western Super Mare and familiarise yourself with the procedure for accidents and theft.

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