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Van Hire in Ipswich

Van Hire in Ipswich

If you are either moving home, bought some heavy stuff from a garage sale which does not come with a delivery service, or perhaps you might have planned to take your kids for that long awaited camping trip then van hire in Ipswich is the best thing to opt for.  With numerous companies available to choose from we aim to help you along the way.

Van Hire in Ipswich Companies

Whether you are looking for personal hiring or contract carriage, there are plenty of companies which offer van hire in Ipswich. A few of the most recognised names include National Car and Van Rental Company in the Woodsbridge area located at 538 Woodsbridge Road, the Gallagher and Thrifty car and van rentals which are primarily located in the Sproughton area near the industrial estate, on Sproughton road. Both Gallagher and Thrifty provide personal hire as well as contract hire facilities.

Another big van and car rental, Econorent, provides its services in the Ipswich area and is located at Stowmarket Suffolk. This is slightly outside of Ipswich and may take some time before it can provide a van for hire. Such a service may not prove too beneficial in times of urgency, however the long term hiring and contract hiring being provided by this company is at very competitive rates and so is worth checking out.

Van Hire in Ipswich Costs

A typical van hire on a daily basis in Ipswich should cost you around £33.07 to £56.58. The Vauxhall Vivaro or a similar sized van would come in at a daily hiring rate of around £41 per day, whereas the cargo van VW LT 35 series would cost around £56 per day. Alternatively, the Ford Transit costs around £55 which might be better for you depending on your needs. However, there are other important aspects to look at. For example Econorent and National Car and Van rental offer the self-drive facility to drivers with a minimum age of 21 whereas most rentals have a minimum age of 24.

Hiring a van on a weekly basis instead of daily is a much better option in case the duration of hire required exceeds one week. This way a Vauxhaull Vivario van that costs £41 per day will decrease in price to around £26 per day. Similarly a Ford Transit that costs £55 per day would decrease to around £45.

Finding a Van Hire in Ipswich Company

If none of the companies listed above can help with your needs, instead of searching the internet or looking in the Yellow Pages for a random company why not try and find one that you know you can trust? Friends, family members, colleagues and small businesses in your area may be able to help if they have hired a van in Ipswich before. Word of mouth is the best kind of publicity these companies receive, and you can be sure to trust the people around you when searching for a van hire in Ipswich company.

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