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Van Hire in Orpington

Van Hire in Orpington

Just because Orpington is famous for having Stone Age tools found in many of its parks and gardens, doesn’t mean that you’re stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to van hire in Orpington!  Whether you’re in the market for a long term rental for transporting your goods to the market near Orpington College, or you’re selling your home because there’s a baby on the way and you need more room and moving yourself to save some money on those expensive moving companies, there’s a van hire company that has just what you need in Orpington!

Van Hire in Orpington Companies

  • Diamond Self Drive is a family run business that opened its doors in 1989. They are conveniently located just 10 minutes from the M25 and have a full range of vehicles for you to hire including cars, vans, lorries and minibuses. You can even contact them on Skype to reserve a van or get a quote. They are very reasonably priced, and offer unlimited mileage and comprehensive insurance. They’ll even organise you European cover if you need to drive over to the continent.
  • Red Hire is another company in Orpington. They offer hire not only of vans but plant and tool hire too. If you’re building or renovating, this is a one-stop rental company for your needs. They will give you 20% discount for Sunday hires and have special rates for evenings too. Standard insurance is offered on all vehicles from Red Hire.
  • Yellohire is a national company but they have a great representation in Orpington. They started hiring vans, cars and minibuses in the late 80s and they offer competitive rates and great customer service on a wide selection of vans. They boast being the biggest car and van hire business in the UK. They pride themselves on offering van hire in Orpington with no hidden charges – what they quote is what you pay. You can also book a rental online with Yellohire.

Van Hire in Orpington Costs

Van Hire in Orpington varies greatly company to company. You can get yourself a Citroen Berlingo Diesel for a pittance – at just £27 per day or £150 a week. Another company offers the same van for £40 a day. For your £40 however, you’ll get unlimited mileage, which is a huge bonus if you’re doing long distances. If you need some extra space in your van, you can get a long wheel based van for £48 a day or £195 a week. For your serious van hire, you can get a Luton box van with a tail lift for about £80 a day or £400 a week.

Finding a Van Hire in Orpington Company

Whatever size van you need, you should check with your friends and family and ask their experiences with the van hire companies in Orpington. Many times, price isn’t everything, and usually you’ll only find out why by speaking to people that have experienced the service on offer for van hire in Orpington.

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