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Van Hire in Newcastle Under Lyme

Van Hire in Newcastle Under Lyme

Newcastle-under-Lyme has built its economy on silk, cotton mills and the hat trade.  Later brick manufacture, coal mining, engineering and iron casting gained in importance as well.  Newcastle-under-Lyme, in other words, is no stranger to moving heavy, bulky things.  If you’ve ever seen a hat box, you will know that it won’t fit in a small, sporty two-seater car!  You could be moving a large number of hats, a few tonnes of bricks, some iron plant pots or anything else for that matter.  A new bath room, the kitchen sink, furniture, garden rubble, the list goes on.  One way to complete any project like that is to hire a van.  And in Newcastle-under-Lyme, there is a whole array of companies that you could go to.

Van Hire in Newcastle-under-Lyme Companies

  • Northgate Vehicle Hire, for example, is there if you need a van for personal use. They are the market leader in the provision of light commercial vehicle rental and have shaped and defined the vehicle hire market for over 30 years. They offer anything from small vans to large tipper trucks, meaning no job is too big or small.
  • Go Green Car and Van Rental is a company who hire vans whilst helping the environment at the same time. By donating a percentage of their profits to local schemes and working with their customers to reduce petrol usage, this is one company who truly cares about the environment. With affordable prices, this may be a good van hire company for you if you are green at heart.
  • Drive UK Car and Van Rental are a popular company in the local area with both private and commercial clients. With competitive prices, and friendly staff this is one company definitely worth checking out.

Van Hire in Newcastle-under-Lyme Costs

With Drive UK, a Luton box van with tail lift starts at just £65 per day, which is truly excellent value. A smaller transit van like the Transit Connect SWB will cost around £40 per day. Their prices also become better value for longer term hire, meaning that if you were to hire the same smaller transit van for over three days, you would only pay £35 per day. Special rates are also available for full week hire or weekend hire.

Finding a Van Hire in Newcastle-under-Lyme Company

So, if you are looking to hire a van in Newcastle-under-Lyme, you needn’t look far. Why not try contacting some of the companies listed here and see if they can provide you with the right van to suit your needs. It is always a good idea to trust word of mouth, so why not speak to colleagues, members of your family, friends, neighbours or anybody that may have hired a van in the past? They could give you some really good advice on which company will give you the best service at the best price. And, of course, it means they will have done the research for you, saving you a bunch of time!

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