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Van Hire in Gloucester

Van Hire in Gloucester

Moving house is a stressful thing to do; in fact it is said to be one of the top most stressful situations to be in.  Don´t add to the stress of moving by trying to do it all in your own car or borrowed vehicles from friends.  Fitting goods in correctly is difficult and doing so without anything getting broken would be nigh on impossible.  Why not look at van hire in Gloucester?  The prices aren´t sky high and the choice is huge.  You would also be giving yourself piece of mind and could remain safe in the knowledge that the experts will advise you as to the correct size of van for your needs and that it will be well maintained and reliable.

Furniture removals can be fraught with problems but by hiring a van that is big enough for your needs, it is taking some of the stress out of the situation. The largest of vans come properly equipped for furniture removals making your goods more secure and less likely to get damaged or broken. If you are put off at the thought of going it alone, and all the lifting that goes with it, it is also possible to get van hire in Gloucester along with a driver for the van.

Van Hire in Gloucester Companies

There are many, many places in the Gloucester area that you can find van hire companies. All offer insurance cover included in the price and usually they also offer unlimited mileage. One place that you could take a look is Van Hire Gloucester. This company is linked with the countrywide network “Nationwide”.

Another one to compare this with is Van Hire 3000. Once again, this is part of a huge countrywide consortium, so they can offer very good deals on van hire. Their rentals also include the free insurance and unlimited mileage that the other companies do. At the time of booking Van Hire 3000 will need to know that age of the driver. Van hire is not available to people under the age of twenty five.

Van Hire in Gloucester Costs

Van hire prices vary, not only from company to company, but also depending on the age of the driver and the size of the van that you require. They also depend on when you require the hire as prices differ from month to month. Van Hire Gloucester quote £30.22 per day for a Vauxhall combo van and £47.01 per day for a VW LT35 MWB whilst Van Hire 3000 are offering a transit van 260 from £53.97 per day and a box van with a tail lift for £95.70 per day.

Finding a Van Hire in Gloucester Company

If you are looking to hire a van in Gloucester, you could take a look at either of these companies or alternatively, ask around. Most people know someone who has hired a van themselves or been connected with someone who has and they will be able to tell you how reliable the company was. It is always a good thing to go on personal recommendations, it really does carry more weight when someone else has used a van hire in Gloucester company and had good service.

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