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Van Hire in Scotland

Van Hire in Scotland

Scotland comprises the whole of the far North of the United Kingdom.  It has a surface of over 30,000 square miles, with several large cities.  This means that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to move house, a large number of objects, or just something very heavy, it could be highly beneficial to hire a van.  Van hire is a cheap and convenient way for you to ensure your possessions or products get moved from one place to the next and Scotland offers many possibilities for you to do this, without going through the possible inconvenience of using a removal company.

Van Hire in Scotland Companies

Since Scotland covers such a large area, there are plenty of places to go to hire a van, each offering interesting services and competitive prices. Some of the van hire in Scotland companies include:
  • Arnold Clark, for example, have branches all over Scotland and they are a member of the BVRLA. They offer five groups of vans, ranging from small box vans like the Citroen Berlingo, to large double can drop side vans, like the Ford Transit Flatbed.
  • Mitchells Hire Drive, known as Scotland’s favourite vehicle rental, offer a wide range of vans and trucks for hire, from small vans to large tipper trucks.
  • AK Hire was started in 1990 and has now expanded so much that their logo can be seen on vans all over Scotland and England. Their goal has always been to offer affordable car and van hire across Scotland.

Van Hire in Scotland Costs

Van hire in Scotland costs vary from company to company so you might want to look around to ensure you are receiving the best van for your needs. Arnold Clark’s prices are highly competitive and start at just £25. They also encourage customers to contact them if you find a cheaper quote somewhere else, and offer the option of renting a Sat Nav system for £10 per day. Mitchells Hire Drives prices range from £29.95 to £149.95 per day, depending on the van you need. Their weekly prices vary. AK Hire offer a wide array of vans in all shapes and sizes and their prices are competitive, offering the possibility of hiring a van from just a few hours (starting at £25) to a full week (starting at £190). They also regularly have special offers, such as seven days for the price of five.

Finding a Van Hire in Scotland Company

Why not contact some of the companies listed above to get the best possible deal? They each offer a friendly, professional service and will be happy to answer your questions. It is also always a good idea to speak to anyone who has recently hired a van like a new neighbour or a friend or family-member; they will be able to give you some good tips on price and quality of different hire companies. Or why not speak to some local businesses around your area, they will often use vans to ship their own products and will have some excellent contacts with van hire companies to give you some advice.

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